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Aribella and Nymphae's Jasmine Pomades

Aribella and Nymphae's Jasmine Pomades

5ml in a thick walled, pretty glass perfume pot. Set includes both pomades, 5 ml each. Best enjoyed within 1 year of purchase.


Nymphae, born from the forest, a message bearer, courier of news, gifts, and well wishes. The Nymph who connects all Nymphs to each other, by means of messages delivered. The cobbler elves, who for centuries watched Nymphae travel back and forth by foot, made a pair of flying shoes for her. Hardened tree sap cast with gold and enchanted by the fairies with tiny wings, to carry her from place to place. Nymphae loves all flowers, plants, and trees, but she has a sweet spot for jasmine flowers. Jasmina, the Jasmine Nymph, well aware of Nymphae's infactuation, calls upon her when the picking is good, and they fill their baskets until they floweth over.


Nymphae flies home, baskets bearing flowers, her special shoes upon her feet, and gets to work immediately to create Jasmine Butter, a well known specialty of hers. A fragrant luxury of flower wax, pollen, and scent magic, an extraction of Jasmine flowers. She has her ancient methods and ways, never deviating from her organic process.


The Nymphs awaiting their messages brought by Nymphae, also await her glorious gift of golden Jasmine Butter. As the Autumn draws to a close, and Winters chill sets in, the Nymphs are overjoyed to receive their pot of silky, buttery jasmine perfection. Some Nymphs string it through their hair, others dab it on their skin, and some combine it with their own creations. They all love it madly, but it is Aribella, who appreciates it as much as Nymphae does. When together, the two jasmine obsessed Nymphs make magical combinations, whipping up scent songs and spinning them into pretty little jars.


The pomades were imbued with the scent of Jasmine using the technique of enfleurage. Over the course of the season, the pomades were laid with Jasmine flowers repeatedly. Fresh flowers were picked upon opening, laid on the pomade, which captures the scent molecules being diffused from the flowers, removed once spent, and replaced with fresh flowers daily until the pomade is saturated with scent.


The texture of these pomades is whippy and creamy, yet rich like a balm. My preferred use for these pomades is to use in my hair as a hair perfume. I love the way they smooth fly-aways and frizz, and they make it super easy for me to finger style my natural banana curls. The scent lasts much longer when applied to hair. Nymphae's Pomades are this years "Enfleurage Hair Pomades". Don't forget, they double as a perfume. I always apply what's left on my fingertips to my neck and wrists.


The fragrance of these enfleurage pomades is not intended to be remarkably strong or diffusive. They are gentle, and are much like smelling the flower in real life, along with their paired fixative notes, which help the floral scent last longer. I find wearing enfleurage pomades in my hair to be quite sensual. I love when I turn my head and catch a whiff of the lovely scent, and I'm often complimented on how nice my hair smells when hugging family and friends. The gentle nature of the enfleurage pomade means only you and those who are close to you will catch a whiff of the sensual jasmine scent. You can also use them in a fixative nature, by applying them first, under your favorite liquid perfume, to add a warm jasmine note, and the sweetness of the base notes.


Two Jasmine Enfleurage pomades to choose from;

Aribella's ~Jasmine Sambac and Jasmine Grandiflora Enfleurage Pomade infused with my handcrafted Labdanum Absolute. The enfleurage is a base of Shea Nilotica Butter, Jojoba Oil, and Raw Beeswax.

Nymphae's ~Angel Wing Jasmine Enfleurage pomade infused with my handcrafted Lavender and Tonka Bean co-absolute. The enfleurage is a base of Shea Nilotica, Jojoba Oil, and Bayberry Wax.



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