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Honey and Maple Whipped Face Mask

Honey and Maple Whipped Face Mask

2 oz reusable glass jar with golden cosmetic spoon for easy application. Shelf life is 1 year.

The texture of this product is truly mesmerizing! Fluffy like a cloud, yet concentrated, a little goes a long way! Soft granules slough away dead skin cells, while botanical extracts rich in skin loving alpha and beta hydroxy acids penetrate deeply to exfoliate, and reveal glowing skin! Minimal ingredients are incredibly effective, and over time, will transform skin. I've been using this product for years to smooth the texture of my skin, and fade acne scars. I'm excited to finally share this formulation with my customers!  

An all natural, organic, and preservative free face mask for oily, combo, acnegenic, and normal skin. Alpha-hydroxy acids from our own maple syrup and maple sugar are rich in malic acid and exfoliate dead skin cells, while the antimicrobial benefits of our own , provides natural salicin and beta hydroxy acids from willow bark, combat acne and blackheads. Our own raw organic honey and Propolis Extract are highly antimicrobial, helping to fight bacterial and fungal acne. Licorice Root Extract, well known to help fade scars and discoloration, provides relief from acne scars helping to fade them over time. The formula is whipped, creating a gorgeous cloud like texture with soft granules that dissolve quickly when rinsed, but remain long enough to slough off dead skin cells. It can be used once to twice weekly for 5-10 minutes then rinsed, for a powerful, deep exfoliation. After one use skin is noticeably smoother and exfoliated, and over time the use of this face mask will reduce break outs/acne/blackheads, and encourage skin cell turnover, reducing acne scars, sunspots, and discoloration, and keeping pores clear.  

There is no need to wash off or follow up with a face wash, as the product rinses clean with no stickiness, and skin is left very plump from the humectant properties of the honey, maple, and plant sugars, which draw hydration to the skin. You can follow up with your favorite moisturizer to seal in the hydration. Crowned Flowers Face Cream, Nymph's Harvest Autumn Skin Food,  and Morgan Le Fay's Mabon Cream are all excellent moisturizers to follow this mask and seal in the hydration. For even more hydration, you can follow the mask with your favorite hydrosol, and then apply your moisturizer.

This formulas botanicals and botanical extractions work synergistically. The beta hydroxy acids help break the bonds and the connections between dead skin cells, while alpha hydroxy acids cause dead skin cells to detach and rinse away, revealing glowing, radiant skin. In this way they can work really well together, synergistically speeding skin cell turn over, and over time can dramatically smooth and fade the appearance of acne scars, sun spots, discoloration, and reveal a smoother skin texture. 

There is no added fragrance, but a light, pleasant honey and maple scent is present from the organic ingredients. 

This product is preservative free and shelf stable. It utilizes hurdle technology, and has passed challenge testing with no issues. It should be used within one year of purchase to enjoy the benefits of the botanical ingredients.

The Raw Organic Honey and Raw Organic Crystalized Honey are harvested from our organic treatment free honey bee hives, and the Maple Syrup and Sugar are created from the Sugar Maple Sap we harvest in late Winter every year from our forest.

Raw Organic Honey, Crystalized Organic Honey, Sugar Maple Sugar and Reduced Syrup, Propolis Extract/Glycerite, Willow Bark Extract/Glycerite, Licorice Root Extract/Glycerite, Cocoamidopropyl Betaine Coconut Derived Soap. 

Mel Honey, Crystalized Mel Honey, Acer Saccharum Sugar, Propolis Extract/Glycerite, Salix nigra and Salix alba Extract/Glycerite, Glycyrrhiza glabra Extract/Glycerite, Cocamidopropyl Betaine

*Settling may occur and is expected, just stir with golden spoon before application.
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