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The Snow Queen~Hair and Skin Ice

The Snow Queen~Hair and Skin Ice

1 ounce in a reusable silver and frosted glass perfume jar. Shelf life is 2 years.


It all begins with the infamous ice mirror the devil had fashioned, to reflect the evil within the hearts of mortals, which had broken upon the earth when it was dropped through the ether by the devil, on his way to heaven with his evil device, to try to trick the angels and God into viewing themselves through his mirror, which forced those who looked upon their reflection, to only see the evil in others and the bad in everything. When it fell to earth, it shattered into tiny pieces, and infected those who gathered around where it fell, turning the hearts of the good to ice, it's tiny splinters invading their eyes and hearts, and forcing them to only see the evil of others.


Once the slivers had invaded the eyes and hearts of those around where it had shattered, the rest of the slivers found the kindest of them all, a young woman, whose heart was always in helping others, and was pure as an angels spirit. The young womans heart turned to ice, and the mirrors slivers penetrated into her eyes, reflecting only evil in her mind.


The Snow Queen took notice to a young boy, pure, innocent, and kind to all. And one cold day while he built a snowman in front of his home, she bribed him into her ice sled with icicle lollipops and snow cones, for she needed a heir to her throne. Because the young boy only could see the good in others, he fell for her sneaky trick, and sat next to her in her sled.


She handed him the treats, and laid an icy kiss upon his head, taking away his ability to see the good in others, and relaxing it with the sight to only see the negative. She placed a second kiss upon his cheek, taking away his pureness of heart, filling it with dark, and turning it to ice. A third kiss would mean death for the boy, but she had plans for him. She whipped her captive reindeer, and the sled took off towards the icy mountains where her castle lay.

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    His Mother, who was shoveling snow, and had her back turned towards the scene that unfolded, turned just in time to see the second icy kiss, and The Snow Queen taking off with her son.

    She ran as fast as her legs could carry her, but they soon fled, leaving her knee deep in snow, her heart broken.


    The young boys Mother packed as much as she could carry, and headed off into the mountains to retrieve her son from the icy grasp of The Snow Queen.


    Now back at her ice castle, a piece of the shattered mirror fell from The Snow Queen's eye. And for a moment, clarity, she could reflect in her mind all that had happened, through the tiny sliver of good and light that peered through the missing sliver of mirror.


    Her eyes tried to cry, but her tears froze before they could fall from her eyes. Her land, once lush with gardens, growth, and buzzing bees, now an icy covered world, the forest and ground perpetually covered in snow, and the honey bees she lovingly kept, were now ice bees, made of snowflakes. The splinters of mirror being magic, they quickly closed the portal to the truth, and The Snow Queen returned to her now evil self. She looked down at the young boy she had stolen, his eyes glazed over by the shards of mirror that penetrate his eyes, and cold heart, frozen by the evil magic of the devil. She cackles and begins to teach the boy her evil spells, ways and magic.


    Little does The Snow Queen know, the young boys Mother, driven by pure love, has braved many an obstacle; through the garden of eternal Summer, tricked by The Woman Who Knows Magic, and put under a spell for a season. Then she faced the wrath of an unfair King, locked away, but freed by the kindness of a poor peasant girl. His Mother, her heart ablaze, is on her way, riding a reindeer, whose lands were stolen by The Snow Queen, also determined to save the young boy, as he holds the key to saving the earth from it's frozen fate, per the prophecies from the sleeping angels mouths they came across in their travels. The angels, in a forever sleep, perpetuated when the devils mirror fell through their kingdom in the clouds, making them helpless to saving the mortals inflicted by the mirror.


    When the young boys Mother and Reindeer reach The Snow Queen's castle gates, they are confronted with the stings of the icy snowflake bees, but their pure good seeps from their warm skin, melting the snowflake bees. The Snow Queen orders her army of Abominable Snowman to attack. The young boys Mother begins to recite the Lord's Prayer, angels form in her breathe, and their pure good melts the Abominable Snowman, clearing the way.


    They burst through the castle doors, The Snow Queen upon her thrown, her boy at her feet. She runs to her boy, still under the trance of The Snow Queen's kiss, and lays a kiss upon his head, returning the warmth to his heart, melting the ice, and restoring his heartbeat. The Mother bursts into tears, warm and salty, and they wash over the young boy, returning his sight to see the good in people.


    He looks up into his Mothers eyes, and begins to cry too. Tears of happiness, and relief. His tears begin to wash over the land, restoring it's growth and beauty. They wash over The Snow Queen, releasing her from her icy prison, and freeing the people from her icy wrath.

  • The Perfume.......

    The Snow Queen wraps herself in the finest perfume of white flowers, Gardenia, Jasmine, Paperwhite, and White Rose. Her sweet perfume permeates the white artic furs that cover her bare skin, the musk of the hide intertwining with the scent of the blossoms; indoles and leather. Her neck is embellished with strands of Baltic amber, which washes her skin with smokey amber. The Snow Queen's white fur boots, plush inside and out, reek of crushed snow, conifer boughs, frozen pinecones, and icicles of tree sap. She rides her sled through the forest, the reindeer weaving between the dark tree trunks, their sweet musk drifts back, and adorns The Snow Queen's long hair, which trails loose behind her sled. The reindeers hoof trample over blades of ice covered grass, moss, and lichens, which release the cool scent of the forest as they race back to the fortress.

    Back at her castle, The Snow Queen steeps white roses in ice water, and sweetens it with the snowflake bees ice honey.


    Handcrafted Extractions of; Juniper Berry, White Cedar, White Pine, Silver Spruce, Frankincense, Myrrh, Styrax, Labdanum and Norway Spruce swaddled with a blanket of my enfleurage pomades of Gardenia, Jasmine, Paperwhite, and White Rose. A drop of sourced, dry distilled fossilized amber completes The Snow Queen's scent story. The enfleurage pomades are composed of Jojoba Oil, Shea Nilotica Butter, and Raw Beeswax from our organic honey bee hives, and were laid with thousands of flowers over the Spring and Summer seasons.


    The Snow Queen Hair and Skin Ice is a fresh, floral, icy forest amber solid perfume, created for hair, and to perfume skin. Rich plant butters, and pure organic oils are stiffened with plant waxes and raw beeswax from our honey bee hives, creating a pomade that not only nourishes strands, but smooths flyaways, and holds your hair in place all day, while imparting a fresh, clean fragrance. The organic formula doubles as a perfume, and can be applied to pulse points. The warmth of your skin surprises you, by warming the product, revealing hidden notes that are not appearant when adorned in your hair.


    For use as a pomade; Seperate hair into two equal sections. Using a small, half pea size amount, distribute product evenly onto the tips of your fingers, and very lightly comb through your hair on one side. Repeat with a half pea size amount on the other side.

    I love to use it on my naturally wavy/curly hair. Once I've put the pomade in my hair, I finger style my curls. It really helps hold their shape, while remaining super soft. I'm not a fan of crunchy hairspray curls! I like to take whatever is left on my fingertips, and tame the baby hairs around my forehead, and flyaways.

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