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Serafina~Flight Of The Fire Nymph~Incense

Serafina~Flight Of The Fire Nymph~Incense

2 oz in a golden tin with a window, which displays the beautiful candied rose and jeweled resin incense. Each tin of incense is topped with a jet black apache tear stone, which is obsidian, black volcanic glass, representing the fiery lava that flows through Serafina's veins.



The fiery one

The burning one

Her heart burns like a flame

Her soul on fire

Wings ablaze

She flies across the sky

Perfumed smoke through the air

Trails behind her

A crown of jasmine

Sweet saps, labdanum, and rose petals braided through her scarlet hair

And jeweled resins adorn her neck

From her mouth pours the phoenix

Her eyes reflect the dragon

She is the flame

Bringing light to the darkness

And warmth to the cold


Serafina, the Nymph of fire, and burning desire, folds her scent song into an incense of the heart. Resinous Rose and Jasmine is the song Serafina sings as she flies across the night sky, wings perpetually on fire.


Raw ingredients:

Dragons Blood Resin



Crystalized Pine Resin

Galbanum Resin

Labdanum Resin



Kua Myrrh


Rose Buds

Saigon Cinnamon

Balsam of Tolu

Balsam of Peru

Styrax Bark

Saigon Cinnamon Bark

Tonka Bean

Himalayan Rhododendron

Angelica Root


Handcrafted Extractions of:


Poplar Bud



Balsam Fir Needle

Frankincense Rivae and Sacra

Opoponax and Kua Myrrh

Orris (Iris) Root


Sweet Incense Tree

Angelica Root

Enfleurage Extrait of Rose


This incense is rather profound; made up of 7 parts, and years in the making. They contain more resinoids than raw ingredients, which allows them to melt into a divine pool of resinous nectar. The amount of precious materials I used in this, I question myself!


The scent is so complex and layered, it's truly astounding. It's a fragrance I feel I have smelled in many lives before. An intuitive blend, a combination of ancient ingredients that has graced past life hands, been kneaded into dough, stored in alabaster, scooped in heaping amounts, and formed into incense before the fragrant ambrosia was bestowed to goddesses on hot coals and stones, as the tendrils of smoke carried prayers making their way to the gods. If you create an incense from the heart, with love folded into every knead, and believe in the magic, the incense when heated, can be heard whispering secrets of past lives. It envokes the memories locked behind the wall of consciousness. It awakens stories held deep within the mind, only to be remembered at certain times, when called upon, when messages are asked for.


The 7 parts of the Serafina Incense:


Part 1: A blend of resinous, sticky, handcrafted extractions, kneaded into pure agarwood powder and labdanum resin, to form a black paste. The black paste was cured, and then formed into little incense balls.


Part 2: Resins and woods were ground and aged together.


Part 3: Fragrant rose buds were dipped in my handcrafted white copal resinoid, and rolled in powdered benzoin resin


Part 4: The remainder of the roses, benzoin, and white copal resinoid were blended and imbued with my handcrafted rose enfleurage extrait.


Part 5: Bright ruby red kua myrrh and frankincense tears were painted with my absolute of balsam fir; making them look like shining jewels, and imbuing them with an extra layer of scent.


Part 6: Fragrant rose petals coated in Peru Balsam Resin, and dusted with powder of agarwood, frankincense, dragon's blood, and tonka bean.


Part 7: Fragrant Rose buds imbued with my rose enfleurage extrait, ambergris tincture, and frankincense resinoid



This incense needs to be heated on an electric incense burner, or alternatively, heated on foil or a mica plate over a charcoal. It can be burned on a charcoal, however, this burns the incense. Gently heating it slowly releases all of the delicate notes of the precious materialls, without the scent of burning resins and plants, and allows you to experience Serafina's full scent song of the incense.


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