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Welcome to Jade Forest Co., Follow Me into the Forest as I plant my perfume! All of my perfumes and fragrant forest goods are made with the enfleurages, absolutes, resinoids, tinctures, waxes, concretes, extracts, and extraits I create from flowers and botanicals grown in our large organic perfume garden, and foraged from our surrounding New England Forest and Fields. Truly Seed to Perfume! Extracts are also made from honey, propolis, beeswax, and honeycomb we collect from our organic, strictly treatment-free honey bee hives.
All musk's are cruelty free, and created by me; from botanicals like ambrette seed, tobacco flower, cocoa pods, etc. and cruelty free animal musk's like honey bee materials, sheep's wool/lanolin, ambergris, and fossilized Africa stone. I also work with imported materials, which are organic and sustainably harvested; African sweet incense tree, frankincense, myrrh, copal blanco, borneol camphor, etc. I use the traditional process of enfleurage to extract the beautiful fragrance from our organically, homegrown tuberoses, roses, lillies, hyacinth, carnations, narcissus/paperwhites, gardenia, jasmine, violets, lilacs, and many more! I also create absolutes via the process of alcohol extraction. My extraction methods are hexane free, and I use organic, food grade honey, sugar, grain, and grape alcohol/ethanol, which is evaporated off the final extract. I do rarely distill some herbs and flowers from our perfume garden, but whole plant extracts make up the majority of the palette on my perfume organ. All liquid perfumes have an organic base of organic jojoba oil. 
Solid perfumes are set in exotic, carefully sourced plant butters and our own organic beeswax. My hand rolled incense sticks and handmade granular incenses do not contain any fillers, bamboo, or ignitors and are 100% natural. Perfumed Honey is created by infusing fresh and dry botanicals into our organic, raw, strained honey. We never use heat and we don't filter out pollen. Packaged in vintage glass honey bottles.

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Perfume bottles and jars are made of thick walled glass, are reusable, and are labeled with my handcrafted emblems. My bottles are imprinted with handcrafted emblems that I create on a cut and die machine. The emblems are permanent and waterproof. All perfumes are packaged like a gift, in 100% recycled material, green boxes with our own organic dried packing material (homegrown or hand collected), consisting of flowers, conifer needle boughs, seed pods, moss, lichen, nuts, beans, mini pine cones, wildflowers, dried berries, and other garden and forest treasures! Your box is then wrapped in all natural pressed mulberry paper and recycled paper, and tied with organic hemp string and ribbon. Our illustrated water color logo card is wrapped in a gold envelope and sealed with our green and gold wax seal to ensure authenticity. I appreciate and I am thankful for every purchase, because it means I've made another connection through the love of nature. Thank you for helping my dreams become reality, and allowing me to share my art with you! I hope my creations allow you to escape to a fragrant forest full of magic, mystery and surprise.

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