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Ancient Saps Body Unguent

Ancient Saps Body Unguent

Resins and Saps used for the care of skin since the dawn of civilization. An unexpected combination with incredible healing properties. The fragrance is enough to make you swoon, and reaches deep down into the belly of your soul, touching ancient memories of past lives. 

An all over balm to anoint yourself in the healing plants that have evolved along side us, to serve us, to be noticed, to be adored, to awaken scent memories and dreams. Swirl your finger into the depths, into a pot of primal ritual. 

Best used on neck, behind ears, softly down your shoulders, across your decollate, and massaged down to your naval. What's left on your fingertips should be massaged into the arch and heels of your feet.

The scent of this Anointing Unguent is indescribable. It's a melting pot of gorgeous forest amber.

2 oz in a reusable amber and gold glass jar. All jars are packaged in a gold satin bag. Best used with 2 years of purchase.

Jojoba Oil Infused with:
Bushman Candle (Sweet Incense Tree) Crystalized Fir Resin
Pine Resin
Poplar Buds
Shea Nilotica Butter
Raw Organic Beeswax

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