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Aphrodite's Rose Froth Aphrodisiac Incense

Aphrodite's Rose Froth Aphrodisiac Incense

Aphrodite rises from her pearlecent shell to greet the morning sun, to bask in the golden rays, and to bathe in the froth of the sea. After her sea side soak, she emerges from the ocean. She  gathers dozens of seaside roses, the bees buzzing around, collecting pollen and nectar, as she carefully navigates through the thorns, and plucks the sweet smelling rose blossoms.     Aphrodite brings her harvest to the soft, warm white sand beach, and she plucks each petal from every rose she's gathered, until there is a gentle bed to lie upon. She allows the sun to kiss her nude skin, until the rising tide begins to nip at her toes. The waves begin to carry off the rose petals; a sea of velvety pink petals kissed by the musk of a goddess, floating on the turquoise ocean between the creamy froth.

Dried Rose from our garden
Rose infused Honey, infused and concentrated
Rose soaked in Honey Mead, and dehydrated
Rose Incense Enfleurage, fresh garden roses laid upon the dry incense blend over the course of the 2019 and 2020 season
Ambergris, powdered
Black Frankincense, B. sacra and B. neglecta
Kua Myrrh
Opoponax Myrrh
Black Copal
Bee Propolis Resin
Balsam of Peru
Dragon's Blood Resin
Scented Geranium Leaves
Balsam Fir Resin and Needles
Grand Fir Needles 
Orange zest soaked in my house Ambergris tincture
Saffron Crocus threads from our garden 
Garden Bay Leaf

I began creating this incense in 2017, layering the scent each time a new ingredient was added. Each ingredient was included for a reason, symbolic of love, and for their aphrodisiac properties, especially when consumed as incense. Use this incense to open your heart, as an offering to Aphrodite to impart her blessings, and to fill your space with love. Perfect for lovers, it will increase drive and pleasure.

This loose granular incense is best heated gently, rather than burned. I enjoy the experience of an electric incense heater, it really allows for all of the notes to be experienced, and you can smell the story unfolding. You can use any method in which the incense is heated, like using a mica plate or incense sand as a buffer on coal. The goal is to eliminate the smoke, and to use gentle heat, preventing scorching, and allowing resins to melt and pool, creating an incense experienced in layers.

1 ounce of highly fragrant, natural granular incense, in a reusable glass jar.
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