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Arctic Fox Solid Perfume

Arctic Fox Solid Perfume

Kit pulled her stark white hood over her head and held her face to the wind, her cheeks turning a peachy pink as the ice cold gust touched her skin. She could smell them, they were close. She just had to keep following the trail. The foot prints in the snow, the scent, and the cries she heard on the wind, showing her the direction. The Nymph of the Arctic fauna lept through the snow like an animal of the Arctic, one who knows the snow and ice. But still each step felt like she was trudging through a tar pit, each step taking on more weight, but she pressed on.


She knew she was making her way towards the sea. She could smell the salt in the air. And then she heard it, a howl, a cry. This was like fuel for Kit, like a mother hearing the death curdling cry of her baby. She picked up pace, and before she knew it she could sea the ocean, the sun gleaming of the ice and glaciers. As she got closer, the cries grew louder, until finally she caught sight of why she was needed.


Kits sense of smell, sound, sight, heightened now more than ever, the power she held floating through her, ethereal and serene. Her eyes zoomed into where the cries were coming from out at sea behind the tide. A massive ice floe had broken apart from the ice along the shoreline, and an entire den of Arctic foxes, mother, father, and three kits were trapped on the floe, stuck in a strong current of square waves, sending the floe back and forth, whooshing over the sea in every direction, turning and bobbing, the Arctic foxes were being carried out to sea.


Kit closed her eyes for a moment, and everything became silent, as if time was stopping for her. The snowflakes falling onto the tundra, suspended in air, the sea and waves frozen, the wind stopped blowing, it was as if the clouds were frozen in time. She centered the 7 points of entrance within her, and opened herself to the elements. Like an electric pulse from the earth, they traveled up from the icy tundra, feeding her new life. With this she stepped from the shoreline, into the icey blue waters, which turned to ice below her feet, and with the fierce movements of an Arctic fox, she dropped to all fours, taking on the stance of the four legged fauna. She kept across the ice with great speed, and approached the ice floe, mouth gaping open, taking each of the fox into her mouth, like a mother fox carrying her kits. And as she picked them up her jowls expanded to hold them all gently, and unharmed. She turned back and with the speed of the Arctic fox, she landed back upon the tundra, placing the family of Arctic fox upon the earth.


She spread her arm open wide, opening her chest, and let out a mighty howl. The elements withdrew from her chakras, and the world began to turn once more, the tide drawing waves, the wind gushing through the tundra, and the snow falling to the earth once more. Kit stood, approached the Arctic foxes, and at once they pounced on her, and she gently floated to the ground, the wind and the snowflakes ensuring her soft landing. The Arctic foxes twirled their faces against hers, licking her frosted cheeks with kisses as they enveloped her with thanks.


Handcrafted Absolutes of Lavender, Silver Fir, and White Spruce are warmed into my Hyacinth, Jasmine, and Rose Enfleurages. Our artisan co-distillation of lavender and rose geranium weaves through the perfume along with the evergreens, undistinguished, yet elevating the enire perfume into a beautiful ozonic floral. It's invigorating, sweet, and heavenly. Spring flowers at forest edge, the scent of sap flowing into the trees from the ground, and fresh, green fragrance of evergreen needles on the wind. One of my favorite fragrances in the new collection.


Handcrafted Extractions of;

Lavender Absolute

Silver Fir Needle Absolute

White Spruce Needle Absolute

Co-distillation of Lavender Flower and Leaves, and Rose Geranium Leaves

Hyacinth Enfleurage

Angel Wing Jasmine Enfleurage

Rose Enfleurage


A solid perfume set in organic Jojoba Oil and Bayberry Wax.

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