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Banana Blossom Pie

Banana Blossom Pie

Ripe bananas slide down creamy blossoms. Buttery crust. The milk of banana infused with tropical blooms. Banana balloons with plump flowers and a spicy amber pie crust. Not at all cloying. The type of fragrance you keep sniffing. Everytime I wear it, my wrist is permanently attached to my nose, it's addicting! 

It's wonderful having a friend in Florida. She's sent me the most delicious fruits. Tropical, juicy, and so delicious it's hard not to devour in one bite! When I received one of her beautiful packages, I immediately smelled the bananas as I opened the box. Oh those sweet baby bananas. Overnight shipping....... so I could capture their luscious fragrance. I left the peel on, sliced, and dehydrated them. I charged the same organic food grade alcohol over and over again, until it was saturated with the sweet, ripe scent of bananas. I was going to evaporate the alcohol, but I was afraid I may lose some of the decadent creamy too notes of the banana. So I decided to combine it with my gardenia, carnation, hyacinth, and paperwhite flower enfleurage extraits. I carefully blended this with tinctures of Propolis, Honeycomb, Fermented Fig, Sweet Incense Tree, Myrrh, Peru balsam, Deerstongue, and Tonka Bean. The result is nothing shy of a tropical flower shrouded banana cabana. This is limited edition and in short supply, so I will be offering no full sizes. But I will have samples and 2 ml mini sizes available. 

Delicious and diffusive, with haunting resins, and delectable, decadent notes of banana that morphs back and forth between florals and fruit throughout the dry down.

Created from my handcrafted botanical tinctures, set in organic, food grade sugar cane alcohol. 
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