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Black Honey Velvet~Solid Perfume

Black Honey Velvet~Solid Perfume

Full size is 60ml set in our handcrafted wooden vessels.


Sage tumbled and somersaulted down the grassy hill like a child nymph. She was more excited than ever! Lavender the Flower Nymph had mentioned to her a shrub of soft green sage next to her mounds of Lavender. If it was indeed Salvia, it must be a new variety for sure, because it wasn't a patch she planted and nurtured. She did cartwheels across half the great wildflower field and spun the rest of the way. She nearly toppled backwards into the very shrub she was headed for. She looked in amazement at the velvety leaves before her.


Sage reached down and rubbed a leaf between her fingers, and then smelled the refreshing scent of crushed sage on her fingertips. "Oh my this one smells sweet like honey, and resinous like spruce sap!" She thought.

She streched her arms out, and called out to the sage, "What is your name sweet salvia?" She asked in a singing tone. She waited a moment but no reply. "What is your name sweet salvia?" She asked again.

"Black Honey.......Black Honeyyyyy," the sage shrub replied.

"What a perfect name," she said. "May I harvest your leaves my children?"

The shrub moved together as one, as if nodding yes to the Nymph. She got busy harvesting the thick, velvety leaves, and by the time she had filled her basket, her fingertips we're covered in a black, honeyed resin, the scent so delicious to the young nymphs olfactory she began to dream up ways to surround herself in the scent, as she made her way back to her house.


Sage settled on making a dress of the velvety leaves, so she could have their scent surrounding her. She delicately sewed with her boar hair needle, wool thread, with a wooden thimble on her thumb, until the Black Sage was stiched together into a beautiful dress. She slipped into the dress, "Just like velvet!" she exclaimed. She removed the new garment, and hung it to dry overnight. She looked down at the leftover leaves around her sewing table, and began to gather them up. "A perfume to wear with my dress!" She thought, and immediately got to work. Once finished with her fragrant elixir, she put the last of the leaves into a hot bath, had a soak, and headed off to bed, with one last look at her new dress she'd wear in the morning.


Black Honey Velvet, a perfume for the Sage lovers....... is unique, interesting and one I can't stop sniffing, it just keeps me coming back for more. I close my eyes and try to fight the urge to reapply. "......Black Honey.......Black Honey......."I hear it whisper from the perfume jar, calling, begging to be adorned and adored.


Our artisan distillation of our garden grown Black Honey Sage, Salvia mellifera, is paired with my handcrafted absolutes of Styrax Resin, Pinyon Pine Resin, Beeswax, White Lavender, Frankincense, Myrrh, and our artisan distillation of Goldenrod. The last ingredient to the elixir was an incredible extraction of Balsam Fir Oleo-resin, which was gifted to me by a scent sister. It was the final perfect touch. The result is a brisk herbal perfume that settles into a resinous, black honeyed amber, velvety and cool.

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