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Blossom Pudding Solid Perfume

Blossom Pudding Solid Perfume

The tiny forest people set up their wee little Easter picnic, in the heart of the woodland, far away from prying eyes. The sun is just beginning to rise, because they set off right after they opened their eyes. The youngest spread fluffy wool blankets onto the just awakening cool, damp forest floor, made from a scrap of wool they scavanged from the farmer a ways away. The elders stitched an intricate design, with every flower in the forest, in every color of the rainbow, using their spun flower dyed yarns, and the tip of porcupine quills. The picnic blankets are laid with buttercups full of dandelion pudding, drenched in grindelia honey. Forest Berry Porridge, cooked over a tiny open fire, burning fragrant wood and gone-by flowers from the forest edge. Upside down lily of the valley flower cups serve as eleborate drinking vessels, painted with the colors of Spring, full of honey mead cheer, and fine wild grape wine, which makes them smile ear to ear. Artemisia and oat crust stuffed with violet custard, sprinkled with soft elderflower pollen. Daffodils smile over the picnic, like little flaming yellow suns, and the hyacinths sing along to the band. The old hollow acorn drum beats to the thump of their little green hearts, as their flower stem flutes, and crocus threaded harp, play a medley of melodies to Easter, Queen of Spring.


My buttery Paperwhite daffodil enfleurage slides down the tongue of rich, milky perfume Rose, Hyacinth, and Tuberose Enfleurages. The florals marry with my Cognac Soaked Vanilla Bean Oleoresin, and Garden Tagetes absolute. A spicy accord of Patchouli Leaf absolute, Labdanum Resinoid, and Ambrette absolute, is barely noticed in the background, as the floral notes burst forth with the Vanilla, and the pot is sweetened with Tagetes Marigold, creating a cool, creamy Blossom Pudding. The notes of this one deceive in some aspects, and you'll be surprised by this floral, indolic, lactonic pudding pot.


Ingredients: Handcrafted Botanical Extracts, Absolutes, Distillations, Waxes, Concretes, Resinoids, Tinctures, and Enfleurages. Liquid Perfumes are in a base of Organic Cold-Pressed Jojoba oil, and Solid Perfumes are based in Organic Plant Butters and Organic Raw Beeswax from our honey bee hives.

  • Packaging Details and Shelf Life

    Full size liquid perfumes are packaged in thick walled glass roller bottles. Full size solid perfumes are packaged in low profile french glass jars. Mini liquid 2ml and 3ml sizes are packaged in green glass roller bottles. Liquid 1ml sample sizes are packaged in glass sample vials, and 1ml solid sample sizes are packaged in plastic cosmetic lacon sample containers. Shelf life is 2 years from Date of Purchase. 

    Orders are nestled in forest and garden botanicals we collect and dry, inside a pretty green box made of recycled materials. Tied with green and white gold threaded cord, and topped with a gold charm. Wrapped in tissue paper with special paper sticker for easy recycling. All orders come with Jade Forest Co. logo artwork card in gold envelope with green wax seal stamped with our tree sigil emblem. Card can be personalized with your own message. Leave a note in comments at checkout for card personalization. Please note sample sizes will be packaged together in one box.

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