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Blueberry and Violet Honey Facial Cleanser

Blueberry and Violet Honey Facial Cleanser

4 ounces in a reusable glass pump bottle. Shelf life is 6 months


Blueberry Violet Honey Facial Cleanser is the Autumn version of my Violet Honey Facial Cleanser. For this cleanser I picked plump Wild New England Blueberries (High and Low Bush). After cleansing the berries they were processed in my lab by infusing the just picked berries into vegetable sugars to create a skincare glycerite. My well loved Violet Leaf and Flower Glycerite and Extract, which contains the natural precursor to salicylic acid, salicin, which encourages clear pores, and skin cell turnover, is paired with the Wild Blueberry Glycerite, which provides natural sugars and enzymes to exfoliate,and antioxidants and vitamin C. The glycerites are blended with Raw Autumn Honey from our organic honey bee hives, and my water soluble Propolis Extract is added not only for it's incredible antimicrobial/preservative properties in the formula, but also it's amazing skincare benefits. I create my Propolis Extract from freshly harvested propolis we gather from our organic honey bee hives. It is one of my all time favorite skincare ingredients because it's antiinflammatory, antimicrobial, and it's ability to quickly heal and prevent acne. It also lends antimicrobial properties to the formulation The final ingredient is a gentle, mild coconut derived soap, for a beautiful, bubbly lather. This formula uses hurdle technology instead of natural preservatives, and is preservative free.


The formula cleanses skin very thoroughly, without stripping natural oils. Skin is left clean, clear, hydrated, and plump.


Ingredients: Raw Honey, Wild Blueberry Glycerite, Violet Leaf and Flower Glycerite, Coconut Derived Surfacant/Soap, Propolis Extract/Absolute, Violet Leaf and Flower Extract


Ingredients: Mel (Honey), Vaccinium corymbosum and Vaccinium angustifolium glycerite, Viola odorata glycerite, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Propolis Extract, Violet Leaf and Flower Extract

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