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Briar Rose Rabbit's Bath Whip

Briar Rose Rabbit's Bath Whip

4 oz or 8 oz in a glass jar. Best enjoyed within 6 months of purchase.


 Deep in the Frosted Forest, a clearing in the woods, overgrown by roses, as lush as any you'll ever see. They were brought to the clearing in the woods and planted in the Summer time, when the Frosted Forest is not under snow, by Rosie the Rose Nymph, almost a decade ago. Rosie planted the roses to bring cheer to the little white rabbits that lived in their burrows under the briar. The bunnies would all hop by the patch, just to stop and smell the roses. They loved Rosie. She'd bring them baskets of wild berries and carrots from her garden, and she'd gently pet their heads, and scratch behind their ears. When the roses first bloomed, oh how they loved her more! There was nothing they loved more than smelling the sweet scent of the roses, and basking in the company of Rosie.


There was one rabbit in particular, a young male she called Briar Rose. Although she loved all of the rabbits, Briar Rose was her favorite. She'd crouch down to his level, and he'd always kiss her with his nose. She'd bring him snacks to eat, but he always was happiest when she'd bring him a rose.


She hadn't been to the secret rose garden for years, and as Winter blew in, she began to think of the little bunnies in their burrows covered in snow. After days of thinking about them non stop, she woke up early before the sun rise, in midst a dream of Briar Rose. She got up out of bed immediately, packed a knapsack full of fresh roses, and a picnic basket of root vegetables and berries, and headed towards the Frosted Forest. 


She made good time, and arrived when the sun was high in the sky, stepping through the portal into the snow covered forest. She began searching for footprints in the snow, and alas she found the prints of the rabbits. She followed their snow trails, to just outside their burrows. The red rosehips caught her eyes amongst the white snow, the rose bushes bare, all besides their bright red rosehips, so plentiful the birds hadn't the chance to eat them all yet. "My how the roses have grown!" She thought, studying the bushes, admiring them, no matter the thorny branches bare and spindly from Winter's kiss.


She stood up and walked closer to the burrows, her cheeks now looking pinched pink, her voice trembling slightly, but still lovely, she began to sing the song she'd always sing to the rabbits, to let them know she was there, 

"Briar Rose Rabbits,

The roses have buds, won't you come see?

Briar Rose Rabbits,

The roses have blossomed, won't you come smell them with me?

Briar Rose Rabbits,

The petals fall softly from the rose, won't you help me collect them for tea?

Briar Rose Rabbits,

The rose hips are ruby red ripe, come we'll pick them and watch the leaves fall softly "


Upon hearing Rosie's sweet voice the snow bunnies popped their heads from their burrows, then hopped out to greet her. She crouched down and began petting the sweet bunnies. How happy she was to have made this journey to see them! 


After a moment she began to look around for Briar Rose. How odd to her that he didn't make his way to the front right away. Her eyes scanned the fluffy white rabbits. She didn't see him. She began to look all around frantically, then she peered into the burrows, one by one. She got to the last burrow, and there in the very back was Briar Rose, no longer young, his physical appearance showing his years. 


She began to cry, and then began to sing through the tears "Briar Rose.......Briar Rose......." Briar Roses ears perked up, and he looked in her direction, immediately recognizing his Rosie. He slowly gimped to the end of the burrow where she was crouched down, and touched his head to hers, nose to nose forehead to forehead. She sat back and looked at Briar Rose, she knew he didn't have long. 


She picked him up and cradled him in her arms. "You're not going to leave me just yet Briar Rose." She whispered in his ear. 


Cradling him in one arm, she pulled a red rose from her knapsack, and held it up to Briar Roses nose. He immediately got excited, and began to sniff wildly at the rose. She took off her jacket and placed Briar Rose and his red rose upon it. She pulled the largest pink rose from her knapsack, this time cupping both hands around the plush flower, she blew into her hands, and the flower began to glow. She placed it in front of Briar Rose, and he immediately hopped over, leaving the red rose behind. As he sniffed the glowing pink rose, he too began to glow, the more he sniffed, the pinker his white fur became, until he was pink as pink can be! He began to look younger, aging backwards to a spry young rabbit.


"You will be my Briar Rose Forever!" She said, as she'd given him the gift of eternal life. Except now he'd no longer live in the briar, but instead her companion amongst the roses they both loved so much. She fed the other snow bunnies the berries, and placed the root vegetables into their burrows, along with a single rose for each of them. Her knapsack now empty, she held it open for Briar Rose, and he jumped right in without a second thought, his head poking just out the top. 


Rosie knew now she'd visit much more often with Briar Rose. She also knew why she had dreamt of him the previous night. They headed off, through the Frosted Forest, to the portal in a tree, towards Rosies rose gardens, and Briar Roses new home.  


Ingredients: Shea Nilotica Butter, Jojoba Oil, Macadamia Oil, Kukui Oil, Handcrafted Coconut/Olive/Castor Castile Soap Paste, Water, Olive Derived Natural Ecocertified Cosmos Approved Emulsifier, Natural Preservative, Handcrafted Extractions of; Rose Enfleurage Extrait Absolute, Cedar Absolute, Virginia Cedarwood/ Balsam Fir Artisan Co-distillation, Rose Geranium Artisan Distillation, Aged and Cured Hawaiian Vetiver Root Absolute with sourced organic plantation grown Sandalwood Essential Oil


INCI Ingredients: Vitellaria Nilotica Butter, Simmondsia chinensis Oil, Macadamia ternifolia Seed Oil, Aleurites moluccana Seed Oil, Castile Soap Paste, Water, Cetearyl Olivate (and) Sorbitan Olivate, Geogard Natural Preservative Benzyl Alcohol & Salicylic Acid & Glycerin & Sorbic Acid, Natural Fragrance

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