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Ceres Skin Butter~Solid Perfume

Ceres Skin Butter~Solid Perfume

5 ml in reusable gold and glass perfume jar. Shelf life is 2 years


The air has started to chill, and the harvest has begun. The full harvest moon signals it's time to comb the fields for all that can be stored for Winter. The town folk prepare apple butters, spelt grains and bake warm bread in stone ovens fired with fragrant burning woods. Fruits are dried under the Autumn sun, and milk churned with salt into creamy butter. They fill their baskets like a cornucopia, and lay their offerings at the feet of the harvest goddess, Ceres, statue. The small town sleeps, and Ceres collects the offerings so graciously laid at her shrine. She blesses the land, promising another year of fertile harvests, and leaves behind small pots of decadent perfume. The town folk awake, and find their gifts. They anoint themselves with the heavenly ointment, and bask in it's warm fragrance.


A Solid Perfume with notes of sweet wheat, raisins, ripe fruit, fermented stone fruit, wildflowers, hay, cozy straw, soft butter and warm bread. A cornucopia of Autumn fragrances.


Handcrafted extractions of; Hay/Regional Dried Grasses, Dehydrated Honey Mead Fruit, Raisin, Fig, Deerstongue, Chamomile, Tonka Bean, Helichrysum, Marigold, Goldenrod, Chrysanthemum

Set in Pumpkin Seed Oil infused with Spruce Resin Crystalized Absolute, Plum Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Beeswax from our organic beehives.

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