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Khione~ Dance of the Snow Nymph~ Incense

Khione~ Dance of the Snow Nymph~ Incense

Khione tiptoed barefoot over the frozen lake. She was determined to drop the first snowflakes on the side of Earth entering the Winter equinox at twilight. But first she had to enlist the help of her father, Boreas, to bellow a mighty North wind, and carry her icy flakes across the land.


Now at the base of the biggest glacier, she called out to her father, her crystalized voice echoing between the glades of ice;

"Father.......Father," she paused waiting to feel the cool wind upon her. "Father, it is I Khione, your daughter, won't you lend me your great wind, your breathe, for a moment?" Her voice cut through the silence between the frozen mountains.


The air which was chilled and stiff began to circulate, blowing back her sleek white strands of hair, and blushing her porcelain skin. Her Father appeared before her, "My daughter, Nymph as white as snow, is it your voice I heard?"


"Yes, Father, it was I who beckoned you. Will you please lend me your North wind, for it is Winter in the Northern hemisphere, the trees are asleep, creatures big and small are tucked away, and I wish to flurry the first snow upon the frozen ground. Will you blow your wind upon the icy snowflakes?" Khione answered, as she blew kisses at the glaciers, each one shaving ice from the glass like surface, each shard a beautiful snowflake.


Boreas filled his lungs with the cold mountain air, as Khione tossed her snowflakes up into the vortex of wind. The wind picked up the snowflakes and headed in the direction of Winter. He turned to his daughter and spoke,

"Child of the chill, call upon the Cloud Nymphs and fill their pillows with snowflakes, to drift over the Northern hemisphere, and blanket the land."


"Yes Father, I will do so immediately," Khione replied while clapping her hands and jumping with excitement.


Boreas smiled down at his daughter,

"Goodbye, until next snowfall my daughter," he said as he kissed her forehead and dissipated into the Wind.


Sweet icy resins and creamy woods marry a cool conifer accord created with my handcrafted evergreen extractions, creating a chilling incense, ethereal and bright.


Balsam Fir Needles

Norway Spruce Resin and Needles

White Copal

Frankincense Painted with Fir Balsam Absolute and Black Spruce Absolute


Chocolate Mint



Costus Root

Spikenard Root

Borneol Camphor Resin

Labdanum Resin

Pinyon and Ponderosa Pine Resin


Handcrafted Extractions of;

Balsam Fir


Pinyon Pine Resin


Blended with powdered Himalayan Rhododendron and liquid Balsam Fir Resin to create a highly fragrant paste, which was then mixed into the ground resins, plants, and woods.



This incense needs to be heated on an electric incense burner, or alternatively, heated on foil or a mica plate over a charcoal. It can be burned on a charcoal, however, this burns the incense. Gently heating it slowly releases all of the delicate notes of the precious materialls, without the scent of burning resins and plants, and allows you to experience the full scent song of the incense.

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