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Heartland Forest Lava Lamp Magic Body and Room Spray

Heartland Forest Lava Lamp Magic Body and Room Spray

4 oz in a glass spray bottle.


In the Heartland of the Frosted Forest, the forest creatures and magical folk were out and about on a slushy snowy day, some cutting down their holiday trees, others decorating their tree houses, huts, and flower petal pods with holiday decor and lights.


Young fairies and elf children were having a snowball fight with the youth of the snowflake sprite, who had the upper hand due to their ability to stand freezing temperatures. All were laughing and having a good time, except for one shy fairy, whose skin was much more silver than the other pale snow white snowflake sprites, and she always felt like she didn't fit in. An elf boy, jealous he didn't have beautiful iridescent wings like the sprite, and wishing he too could take flight, saw the shy sprite hovering alone off to side, watching the others have fun. He picked up one of the showballs he'd made, and rolled it across the snow covered field, creating an even bigger snowball. He picked it up a flung it straight into the face of the lone sprite. She fell out of flight and hit the hard cols, snow. She looked around to see who'd flyng this assault. The elf boy began rolling on the ground in a fit of laughter, then pointed at her and shouted "Look everyone, the weird sprite with the silver skin is about to cry. I smacked her square in the noggin with the biggest snowball I've made all day!"


The other kids stopped what they were doing and peered at the sprite. She stood up, brushed herself off, bent over, and began to roll up a snowball. The elf boy still laughing, eyes closed, didn't see it coming, and it hit him square in the mouth, wiping the smirk off his face.


Someone yelled "Get em!" and the sprite, fairy, and the elves began creaming each other in the face with snow pies, and snowballs galore, flying through the air.


The sky began to rumble, and the ground began to shake, and before them appeared the most beautiful forest nymph they'd ever seen. Her skin glistened like dew drops and frost, a light radiating from within her. Her presence alone bestowed silence and little movement amongst the children, sprite, elf, and fairy. They stood in aww of her beauty and grace.


She smiled down upon them, and softly spoke "Now, now children, let's not fight amongst each other. You must love one another "


One sprite boy whispered to the fairy girl standing next to him, "I think it's the Frosted Forest Nymph. My Mama told me she is the heartbeat of the forest."


The Nymph heard and laughed, then said "Yes I am the Frosted Forest Nymph. And I come with a message for all. I am indeed the heartbeat of the forest, and I thrive on love, without love, I will no longer be, and so you must love one another, you see. Without love I will not flourish, and the Enchanted Winter Forest will perish beneath the ice and snow. For far too long I've watched under the blanket of snow, and as your love dwindles, so does my glow."


At this point all of the children's parents and town folk had gathered, sprite, elf, and fairy alike. They peered wide eyed, for they'd only heard tales and legends of the Frosted Forest Nymph. Her presence so warm, and full of love, caused their little hearts to fill with as much love as they could hold. The elders gathered around the Frosted Forest Nymph, and elf and sprite shook hands, forgave, and put down their ancient fued. They'd been fighting so long, they'd forgotten what they began fighting about.


And from that day on, a holiday was formed. The day they'd all celebrate The Heart of The Forest, their Queen, their Mother, the one whose heartbeat kept the forest alive, The Frosted Forest Nymph. They'd make her gifts, and Kay them at the foot of her tree, and when they'd return to see their offerings accepted, they new they were living on the path of light.


The Heartland Forest Body and Room Spray, is one of the very many gifts the folk of the Heartland would leave for The Frosted Forest Nymph. Of course is that dimension, they don't have fancy glass spray bottles tagged with a pretty label, but what's inside the bottle, is very much representative of the lovely splash they'd bestow upon her.


Spraying it, is like spraying the forest. The many scents of the forest surround you at once, and it takes you there, to your sacred place amongst the trees.


This is a water, organic grain spirits and organic sugar cane spirits based spray. Upon settling, the deep green heavier scent molecules settle at bottom of a clear green potion, and when you pick up the bottle to use it, like a magical lava lamp, they begin to swirl around the bottle, marrying the lighter liquids, and the swirl's and clear liquid become one green elixir. It's now ready to spray, but do remember it's made of all of the trees of my forest, and green, so don't spray it upon white.


The formula consists of long term tinctures, brewed over the course of half a decade, extracting each and every molecule from the evergreens used to create it.

Handcrafted Long Term Tinctures;

Balsam Fir Needle

Grand Fir Needle

Red Cedar Wood Shavings

Juniper Berry

Virginia Cedarwood

Black Spruce Needle and Resin

Norway Spruce Resin

Green Scotch Pine Cones

Poplar Buds

White Spruce Needle

Frankincense Tincture-Boswellia Rivae and Boswellia Sacra


This blend was then aged and poured and is now ready to tell the story of the forest.......

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