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Echo Solid Perfume

Echo Solid Perfume

Echo, Forest Nymph of the snow capped mountains and lush green valleys. If standing on the mountain tops and gazing out at the clouds, it is her voice that you hear off in the distance. Echo.......echo.......echo. If you sing a tune by the crystal water springs, it is Echo you will hear singing back to you. Call her name, she will echo, and you'll hear her sweet namesake ringing through the the high mountains. She is fond of the woods and hills, her bright eyes peeking out from behind the tree trunks, playing a game of hide and seek with those who wander. She carries a basket made of artemisia twigs, to collect her favorites; blue hemlock, and honey cups of sweet and sticky comb to make her mead. Zeus's admiration for her unfaltering beauty, has her under Hera's curse, doomed to only hear her own echo for eternity. She spends her days dreaming of the love of Narcissus she never had, and how she accidentally inflicted death on the one who only loved himself. She memorializes him by looping narcissus blossoms through her wavy locks, and always looking on the surface of the mirror like lake for his image. Her sheer, shimmering wings carry her above the tree tops and through the mountain mist. Her favorite path to fly is over the hyacinth, carnation, and paperwhite flower patches, through the quartz gorge, weaving in and out of grapevines, briar patches and the ivy tendrils of the forest. At night she sits on the highest mountain top, gaping at the gleaming moon as she smokes her pipe of angelica root and sweet balsams. Then she laces her lonely song through the forests with her wooden balsam flute, to stub the sound of her own Echo.......echo.......echo.

Echo's deep love for Narcissus is imprinted into her perfume with my narcissus flower enfleurage and extrait absolute. Every tiny paperwhite flower contributing to the whole scent of the pomade.  Handcrafted Blue Hemlock absolute, green and sweet is laced through my hyacinth and carnation enfleurages along with handmade Clove Absolute, Angelica Root Absolute and Artemisia Absolute and Essential Oil I created from the several varieties of artemisia, and angelica we grow in our perfume garden. The addictive, strange bright herbal opening unfolds to reveal a green floral heart and settles into velvet petals and spicy white floral musk.


Ingredients: Handcrafted Botanical Extracts, Absolutes, Distillations, Waxes, Concretes, Resinoids, Tinctures, and Enfleurages. Liquid Perfumes are in a base of Organic Cold-Pressed Jojoba oil, and Solid Perfumes are based in Organic Plant Butters and Organic Raw Beeswax from our honey bee hives.

  • Packaging Details and Shelf Life

    Full size liquid perfumes are packaged in thick walled glass roller bottles. Full size solid perfumes are packaged in low profile french glass jars. Mini liquid 2ml and 3ml sizes are packaged in green glass roller bottles. Liquid 1ml sample sizes are packaged in glass sample vials, and 1ml solid sample sizes are packaged in plastic cosmetic lacon sample containers. Shelf life is 2 years from Date of Purchase. 

    Orders are nestled in forest and garden botanicals we collect and dry, inside a pretty green box made of recycled materials. Tied with green and white gold threaded cord, and topped with a gold charm. Wrapped in tissue paper with special paper sticker for easy recycling. All orders come with Jade Forest Co. logo artwork card in gold envelope with green wax seal stamped with our tree sigil emblem. Card can be personalized with your own message. Leave a note in comments at checkout for card personalization. Please note sample sizes will be packaged together in one box.

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