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Enchanted Winter Forest Chai Perfumed Tea

Enchanted Winter Forest Chai Perfumed Tea

Perfectly dried and cured garden grown herbs and wildcrafted evergreen needles come together with warm mulled chai spices, honeybush, and black tea leaves I've cured with honey mead soaked blood orange peels, and vanilla beans.


Wildcrafted from the Jade Forest:

Balsam Fir Tips

Norway Spruce Needles

Grown Organically in the Jade Forest Gardens:

Pink, Purple, and Peach Bee Balm Flowers and Leaves

Chocolate Mint Leaves

Goldenrod Flowers

Sourced ingredients:

Authentic Saigon Cinnamon Bark Rolls

Whole Cardamom

Whole Cloves

Organic Black Tea Leaves and Honeybush aged with

Honey Mead Soaked Blood Orange Peel and Whole Vanilla Beans



Dark, comforting, warming. The taste and incense of the forest alchemized into a cup of tea! The perfect cup of tea as a substitute for coffee, as it contains a small amount of caffeine, contributed by the organic black tea leaves. It's packed with vitamin C, so not only is it energizing to your mind and body, but it's a great immune booster as well.


This is a loose whole plant tea. This means the plants are chopped, but kept as whole as possible to retain all of their vitamins and nutrients. All teas are loose, and packaged in a food-grade, high quality, resealable bag, which can be reused, or recycled once tea is consumed. Can be used loose in your tea cup, in compostable or resuable tea bags, or in a tea strainer.


For this batch I've aged the Organic Black Tea Leaves and Honeybush with chunks of Honey Mead soaked and cured Blood Orange Peel and split, scraped, chopped Vanilla Beans.


This batch is incredibly flavorful and fragrant! The taste is sweet, floral, spicy, and forest-y, the finest cup of Chai I've ever had!

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