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Enfleurage Hair Perfume Pomade

Enfleurage Hair Perfume Pomade

Enfleurage Hair Perfume Pomade Take a stroll through my perfume flower garden with my Enfleurage Hair Perfume Pomades. They are like little dishes of pollen crusted blossom creme brulee topped with a honeycomb drizzle.


~Gardenia and Honey: Fresh picked Gardenia Flowers enfleuraged onto a base of organic plant butters and raw beeswax from our organic bee hives. I added my handcrafted beeswax absolute to the enfleurage base before pouring it, so that the perfume would be complete when the enfleurage was finished. Spent flowers were removed and a parade of gardenia blossoms laid upon the enfleurage daily over the course of their bloom season. The blooms exalted their fragrance into the base, and it's like smelling the fresh gardenia flowers drizzled in honey.


~ Paperwhite, Santal, Vanilla: Paperwhite Enfleurage Pomade fixed with handcrafted, creamy Sandalwood absolute and a touch of vanilla. The enfleurage pomade was saturated with multiple fresh Paperwhite charges resulting in a creamy, buttery, indolic, cloud of warm flower musk, and dreams of pillows filled with Paperwhite flowers, their sweet, green scent narcotic, sensual, and penetrating.


~Carnation, Clove, and Angelica: Carnation flower enfleurage, created the same way as the Gardenia and Honey Hair Perfume Pomade, except the enfleurage was fixed with handcrafted angelica absolute I created from our organic garden angelica roots, clove absolute I created from Madagascar cloves, and laid with several varieties of carnation flowers over the course of their bloom time. The scent is like planting your nose into the center of a bouquet of carnations with a kick of spicy, warming cloves and earthy, rooty angelica.


~Rose and Tuberose: Enfleurage pomade laid with Roses and Tuberoses over the course of their late summer bloom time, fixed with my handcrafted beeswax absolute and agarwood/sandalwood co-absolute. Roses and Tuberoses galore. The scent is like laying on a bed of velvety roses and silky tuberose flowers.


~Jasmine and Green Tea: Angel Wing and Pink Winter Jasmine laid on a creamy enfleurage fixed with my handcrafted Jasmine Green Tea Absolute. Fresh, floral, and sweet. Like sipping a cup of your favorite green tea next to a winding, lush jasmine vine in full flower.


The pomade bases are chock full of organic exotic plant butters of, Shea Nilotica, Cupuacu, Mango, Mafura and Tucuma, which are rich in hair loving nutrients and vitamins. Only a small amount is needed to perfume the hair with the scent of fresh blossoms, tame fly-aways, smooth hair, and leave your hair looking healthy, shiny, and smelling amazing! Although these are gorgeous as Enfleurage Hair Perfume Pomades, they can also be used as perfume, just apply a small amount to pulse points with your fingertips! They also work beautifully as perfume fixatives. Apply a small amount to pulse points, and layer your favorite perfume on top! Enfleurage Hair Perfumes are packaged in glass jars, and have a shelf life of 1 year from Date of Purchase.

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