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Fireflies by the Fireside Solid Perfume

Fireflies by the Fireside Solid Perfume

The scent of warm candlewax and cozy cashmere musk. Fireflies full of warm candle light flutter by the Fireside-soft smoke lingers on your flannels, and your favorite cashmere blanket is permeated with the musk of your skin. Sipping on a cup of hot Forest Chai Tea, while the scent of Evergreen boughs and Mistletoes lingers in the air with the sweet scent of Pine and Birch logs burning in the fireplace


Lapsang Souchong and Birch Sap, like delicious smokey amber, diffuses first with creamy Ambrette Seed. Delicious Silver Fir, Balsam Fir, Blue Hemlock, and Blue Spruce laced with Chai add a spicy forest accord that smells of jammy, honeyed amber dancing with cloven spices. The perfume dries down to tendrils of fine Patchouli curling around precious woods and evergreen cream. A perfect, cozy spiced Winter Amber.


Handcrafted Extractions of; Lapsang Souchong Tea, Fermented and Reduced Birch Sap, Ambrette Seed, Chai Tea, Cardamom, Ginger Root, Cinnamon Bark, Clove, Vanilla Bean, Balsam Fir Bark, Silver Fir Needles, Blue Spruce Needles, Labdanum Resin, and Frankincense Resin with sourced Aged Patchouli Essential Oil

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