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Flower Enfleurage Incense

Flower Enfleurage Incense

First, I created a beautiful dry blend of frankincense, myrrh, siam benzoin, Hawaiian sandalwood, and plantation grown agarwood. I chose a special variety, a rare type of frankincense, B. elongata, for it's unbelievably divine floral notes. The myrrh is C. kua; cherried, sweet, and floral with a musk gentler than other types of myrrh. I allowed this blend to age for a few months, before pouring it onto a tray, and laying it with fresh Gardenia, Paperwhite, and Tuberose. I create traditional enfleurages with these flowers, and sometimes I have leftover fresh flowers when charging the enfleurages, and they get placed onto the incense, which absorbs the lovely, creamy, floral fragrance they diffuse. This incense was laid with fresh flowers from 2017-2021, and it is highly saturated with the sweet floral scent of the blossoms.

This loose granular incense is best heated gently, rather than burned. I enjoy the experience of an electric incense heater, it really allows for all of the notes to be experienced, and you can smell the story unfolding. You can use any method in which the incense is heated, like using a mica plate or incense sand as a buffer on coal. The goal is to eliminate the smoke, and to use gentle heat, preventing scorching, and allowing resins to melt and pool, creating an incense experienced in layers.

1 ounce of highly fragrant, natural granular incense, in a reusable glass jar.
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