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Flower Folk~Solid Perfume

Flower Folk~Solid Perfume

20 ml of solid perfume set into beautiful, handcrafted green clay perfume pots, created by artisan Jess Rene at Singing Pots .
Deep in the forest,
where the magic bubbles,
where the mountains roll,
And the witches cause troubles,
Live the Flower Folk.
They live by the way of the wood.
Like a wanderer on the wind,
As nomads should.
Under a spell that can't be seen, heard, or felt.
They follow the flowers, and coincidentally the elk.
Wooden tumblers in hand,
And knifes on their belt.
Braids in their hair,
bodies adorned in flower covered pelt.
They listen to the rustle of the leaves,
And what the wind has to say.
It would be nonsense not to consult the flowers,
It wouldn't be a complete day.
They've never seen a smile-less face,
And flower eaters is their only race.
They pick flowers by day,
And pick flowers by night,
They consider it their only birth right.
A day without flowers,
would be like a day without sunshine.
A night without flowers,
would be like a sleep with no rest.
They dream of the flowers,
Eat the flowers,
Sing to the flowers,
Dance with the flowers,
Romance on the flowers,
Read to the flowers,
Conceive on the flowers,
Make rows and towers of flowers.
Like I said,
They follow the flowers.
When one patch recedes, and another is blooming,
You'll find the Flower Folk looming.
They pack up their camp,
find more flowers to explore,
And just when they thought they've had enough,
They decide, nope we need more!
A flower perfume balm for those who live and die by the flower!For those who want all the flowers! All the flowers at once! A beautiful, spicy, highly pleasing floral melange of all the flower enfleurages we create here at Jade Forest Co., float on whispy notes of an Amber accord, honeycomb, propolis, pollen, labdanum, and ambergris. The lovely Amber accord I created for this delicate perfume is just there enough to extend the array of gorgeous florals, without taking over, and instead lends a bit of magic to the plump indolic florals, so they last longer. The perfume also changes over the course of it's wear time, and each time you smell your skin, you will pick up the scent of a different flower, depending on which enfleurages flower essence is evaporating via your body heat at the moment. It's quite enchanting, and you'll find yourself sniffing your wrist often when wearing this perfume. It's delicate and simulates smelling live flowers. The formula also works beautifully as a hair perfume, taming frizzy fly aways and lending shine, while imparting it's lovely floral scent.
Handcrafted Extractions of; Refined, fresh flower enfleurage pomades created with the flowers we grow here in our organic gardens; Paperwhite, Gardenia, Jasmine, Tuberose, Rose, Lily, Hyacinth, and Carnation were gently warmed, and imbued with a lovely, ethereal amber accord. The amber accord created from my handcrafted tinctures of propolis, pollen, honeycomb, ambergris, labdanum, with a touch of Champaca tincture, which were co-evaporated, to create an oil-soluble absolute before imbued into the enfleurage melange.
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