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Flower Milk Solid Perfume

Flower Milk Solid Perfume

The sunrise signals the roosters in our little forest town. Time to wake and milk the flowers! The warmth of the sun signals them to create more perfume, the garden filled with clouds of milky flowers. Their thick stalks hold plumes of fragrant flowers, cups swollen and full of nectar, calling to the bees and butterflies. Slender fingers gently tease the perfume from the delicate little heads, and full, fleshy flowers drip drop into cool milk glass. Gardenias buttered with honey and sandwiched between sordough bread slices. Paperwhite Enfleurage dotted with bright yellow pollen, like just picked buttercups across an eggshell dough. Vanilla seeds sprinkled across sugared Sandalwood blossoms, and Oud blooms into Elderflower and Orange Blossom creme brulee.


My Gardenia and Paperwhite Enfleurages bloom into a co-extraction of buttery Sandalwood, and soft, gentle Agarwood. My handcrafted Elderflower absolute blends seemlessly with Orange Blossom Wax, creating a sweet, floral milk. The icing on the cake is my Butter Accord, created by blending my handcrafted absolutes of; Vanilla, Toasted Coconut, Toasted Basmati and Jasmine Rice, and just a touch of Honeycomb absolute created from our creamiest comb stuffed with Goldenrod Honey, harvested from our organic, treatment-free Apiary.


Ingredients: Handcrafted Botanical Extracts, Absolutes, Distillations, Waxes, Concretes, Resinoids, Tinctures, and Enfleurages. Liquid Perfumes are in a base of Organic Cold-Pressed Jojoba oil, and Solid Perfumes are based in Organic Plant Butters and Organic Raw Beeswax from our honey bee hives.

  • Packaging Details and Shelf Life

    Full size liquid perfumes are packaged in thick walled glass roller bottles. Full size solid perfumes are packaged in low profile french glass jars. Mini liquid 2ml and 3ml sizes are packaged in green glass roller bottles. Liquid 1ml sample sizes are packaged in glass sample vials, and 1ml solid sample sizes are packaged in plastic cosmetic lacon sample containers. Shelf life is 2 years from Date of Purchase. 

    Orders are nestled in forest and garden botanicals we collect and dry, inside a pretty green box made of recycled materials. Tied with green and white gold threaded cord, and topped with a gold charm. Wrapped in tissue paper with special paper sticker for easy recycling. All orders come with Jade Forest Co. logo artwork card in gold envelope with green wax seal stamped with our tree sigil emblem. Card can be personalized with your own message. Leave a note in comments at checkout for card personalization. Please note sample sizes will be packaged together in one box.

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