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Forest Nymph Oil Elixir

Forest Nymph Oil Elixir

30 ml in ombre green glass dropper bottle and green velvet drawstring bag. Shelf life is 1 year.


Jade, The Queen of Green, The Queen of the Northern Forest Nymphs, hops over the massive tree root beside her forest workspace. She pulls out the chair at the head of the long wooden table, grabs a bunch of Artemisia flowers, and takes a seat. The bunny rabbits in their den nearby, poke their heads out, watching the Nymph to see if she has any food for them to munch, as she usually feeds them from hand everyday. But today, the final ingredient she needed for her emerald green oil elixir is in full bloom, and it's time to complete the formula.


The bundle of fragrant, silvery artemisia in her left hand, she passes her right hand over it, eliciting a green light to pass from her fingertips, and in the blink of the eye, turns the artemisia to a vibrant green liquid, which seeps through her fingers to the bottle she'd placed underneath her hand.


Walking around the table strewn with delicate green glass bottles, fragrant plants in big green jars, and the beautiful trinkets and treasures you'd expect a Nymph to possess, Jade collected the ingredients she needed and sat back down at the head of the table.


A drop of this, a drop of that, a stir here, and a swirl there, she combined, mixed, and she tested her favorite flower and plant essences with fragrant, pressed seed oils, until the elixir felt like silk was enveloping her skin, and the fresh, forest scent peeked her olfactory pleasure.


She lined up her little green bottles, and poured each to the top, and capped them. She wrapped each in green velvet, and placed them into her harvest basket. She skipped into the tree line to deliver them to the other Forest Nymphs, to keep their skin supple, soft, and glowing through the Autumn and Winter ahead.


Ingredients: Blueberry Seed Oil,

Plum Seed Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Sugar Squalane, Copaiba Balsam Oil,

Co-distillation Essential Oil;

{Artemisia Afra, Goldenrod, and

Helichrysum}, Elderflower Extract,

Propolis Extract


INCI Ingredients: Vaccinium corymbosum seed oil, Prunus domestica seed oil, Cucurbita pepo seed oil, Sugar Squalane, Copaifera officinalis oil, Artemisia afra, Solidago canadensis, Helichrysum italicum co-distillation essential oil, Sambucus canadensis and Sambucus nigra extract, honey bee propolis extract

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