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Golden Hour~Solid Perfume

Golden Hour~Solid Perfume

Full Size is 30ml in our handcrafted wooden vessels.


The Hesperides, The Daughter's of the Evening; three sister Nymphs of the West; Aegle, Erytheia, and Hesperia, the famous guardians of the golden apples. Together they guard the tree of glowing, golden apples, and they share their honor of bringing the golden light at sunset, Golden Hour. Their names represent Red, Yellow, and Gold, the colors that stream through the horizon at golden hour. While two sisters guard the magic golden apple tree, the third sister wraps the earth in golden light, just before the sun sets and the moon rises. The tree bearing golden apples, was a gift from Gaia Mother Earth, to the Queen and King of the Heavens, Hera and Zeus. Hera brought the enchanted gift to The Hesperides, to protect it from those who seek it's magic.


The three sisters keep those who wish to pluck and steal the golden apples, away from the magical tree. The three Nymphs possess the ability to shape shift into trees, Poplar, Elm, and Willow, which aids them in safe-keeping the tree, by guarding the tree while in disguise. And if that fails, their sweet voices produce a gilded song that rivals that of the angels, and their golden hair, which they play the strands of like the strings of a harp, their song drifting intruders off to sleep.


For you see the magic of the apples is different for each and every sentient being who harvests from her branches. Those with good intentions, who wish to use the apple to spread kindness to others, pick apples that bear abundance, but those with bad intentions, who wish to use the apples for their own greed and needs, pluck an apple of discord from the tree.


Every 4 seasons the tree goes untouched, and the sisters have kept the apples protected from all, the three sisters are rewarded on the Autumn Equinox each year, and are allowed to harvest a golden apple each. The apples, which house a piece of the sun in every core, lend the sisters their colorful lights of red, yellow, and gold. The sister Nymphs use this light, to light up, and gild the earth at Golden Hour, and they paint the sunsets with their golden shades of light.


It is in the best interest of all, to not pluck from the tree, for if the sisters do not harvest their apples, sunsets will be gloomy and cloudy for an entire year.


A creamy, golden solid perfume. All of the aromatics are golden in color, from the golden Honeycrisp Apple, yellow tufts of sweet annie artemisia, goldenrod, the bronzed seed head of queen anne's lace, golden helichrysum, and gilded, sweet amber resins, honey, and spices. The materials not only symbolic of Autumn, but for The Hesperides, The Nymphs that bring us the beautiful Golden Hour. The wooden vessels that houses the perfume, represents the ability of the golden nymphs, to shape shift into trees.


The fragrance is golden amber drenched in Autumn. The notes of our artisan essential oil, a co-distillation of; honeycrisp apples, artemisia annua, goldenrod, and queens anne's lace smells of apples, warm honey straw, and wildflowers. The helichrysum absolute, I created from our garden grown helichrysum flowers and leaves, is plump with notes of maple syrup and apple cider. Opoponax, Labdanum, and Warm Autumn Spices, pair perfectly with the baked fruit dessert notes of the Tonka, Propolis, and Beeswax. Set in Gardenia Enfleurage, created from the golden colored gardenias. A beautiful scent perfect for anointing yourself from your collar bone to your navel.


The perfume extrait is set into organic pumpkin seed oil (which is deliciousky fragrant!) and organic raw beeswax from our honey bee hives. I've poured this beautiful, golden, honey, autumn fruits, and wildflowers perfume into wooden vessels created by Dustin, from a tree branch that cracked during the Hurricane season. I had several beautiful pieces of Mookiate in red, yellow, and gold, that reminded me of the colors of the sunset at golden hour, and I felt compelled to include one with each perfume.


Handcrafted Extractions of; Our artisan co-distillation of golden Honeycrisp Apples, Sweet Annie Artemisia, Goldenrod, and Queen Anne's Lace Flower and Seed Heads, blended with my absolute extractions of; Liquid Ambar Styrax Resin, Raw Labdanum Resin, Helichrysum Flower and Leaf, Raw Beeswax and Propolis from our honey bee hives, Clove, Ginger Root, Tonka Bean, Myrrh, and Opoponax. Set in Gardenia Enfleurage, Pumpkin Seed Oil and our own raw golden Beeswax from our organic honey bee hives.

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