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Heartland Cider Solid Perfume

Heartland Cider Solid Perfume

The perfume of the Heartland. As if all of the most precious fragrances of the forest have been folded into a perfume pot. The Enchanted Winter Forest Chai Tea is like the incense of the forest alchemized into a cup of tea, and this perfume is just like that, except a solid perfume.


Jammy conifers, sweet resins, and cool spices twirled into a silky, solid perfume.

A warm, forest amber reminiscent of jammy, balsamic Christmas Trees and gourmand drinks. Notes of Forest Chai Tea steeping, Hot Cider, and Mulled Spices are laced through a warm, fruity forest accord.


Handcrafted extractions of Green Scotch Pine Cones, Vanilla, Grand Fir Needle, Peru Balsam Dried Fruit and Resin, Frankincense, Myrhh, White Spruce Needle, Norway Spruce Resin, Ambergris, Labdanum, and an Accord of Spice and Tea absolutes created to temper the perfume with the smell of mulled spices and cider, in a base of Almond Butter and fragrant Raw Bayberry Wax.

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