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Heartland Forest Face Cream

Heartland Forest Face Cream

Choose an olive green glass jar or clear glass jar with wooden cap. All sizes include a jade crystal heart under the lid for use to scoop out the cream. Best Enjoyed within 6 months of purchase.


The heartland is where the home is, for us it's here in our nook of the New England forest. Over the years we have learned how to gently tap our sap producing trees, to find and collect the healing resins that drip from the trunks of the conifers, and how to sustainably harvest from our forest the sweet saps that pump through the hearts of the maple and birch.


Heartland Forest Face Cream holds the medicine of the heartland in its formula. The formulas healing properties rely on the sweet saps and resins produced in the hearts of our trees;


Golden Balsam Fir Resin, time consuming to collect from the blisters of the bark, but it's beautiful fragrance, skin protective, toning, and antimicrobial benefits, make up for the effort it takes to collect this sweet golden sap.


Norway Spruce Resin, it's spicy amber fragrance is swoon worthy, but it's anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties extracted from the sticky sap, helps to accelerate skin healing, and protects the skin barrier.


Blue Hemlock, it's resinous green cones and needles when steam distilled, produce a beautiful, clear oil that smells like the forest breeze. It has an incredible, gentle astringent effect that tightens pores, while also providing antimicrobial properties to keep them clear.


Maple Sap, tapped from our sugar maples in Spring, which is reduced further than maple syrup, to create a powerful, concentrated extraction for skincare. It contains very gentle natural acids, which assist in cell turnover, which in turn helps to smooth skin. It also smells like gourmand amber tear drops, sweet and edible.


The feeling this cream imparts on skin is truly enchanted magic! You will not believe how soft it leaves your skin! The gorgeous tree resins produced from the trees in our forest and utilized in the formula, form an invisible, lightweight barrier, which not only protects skin, but leaves it feeling amazingly soft! As with all of my face creams, this formula is non-comedogenic and will not clog pores.


All of these amazing tree saps work together synergistically to keep the skin barrier healthy and supple, while protecting it, and can help clear and prevent bacterial and fungal acne, eczema, and redness with regular use. This cream is an excellent choice for those of us who still prefer to wander through the forest in Winter, as it protects skin from windburn and dryness.


All of the beautiful ingredients are emulsified into a lightweight hydrating and moisturizing base of Jojoba oil, Pumpkin seed oil, Kukui oil, and Macadamia oil. The natural emulsifier is derived from olives, and is Ecocert and Cosmo approved. The formulation is properly preserved with an all natural cosmetic preservative.


Ingredients: Jojoba Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Kukui Candlenut Oil, Macadamia Oil, Water, Maple Sap, Balsam Fir Resin, Vegetable Glycerin, Olive Derived Ecocertified Cosmos Approved Natural Emulsifier, Norway Spruce Absolute, Artisan Distillation Blue Hemlock Essential Oil, Ecocertified Cosmos Approved Natural Preservative


INCI Ingredients: Simmondsia chinensis Seed Oil, Cucurbita Pepo Seed Oil, Aleurites Moluccana Seed Oil, Macadamia ternifolia Seed Oil, Water Aqua, Acer saccharum Extract, Abies balsamea Resin, Vegetable Glycerin, Cetearyl Olivate (and) Sorbitan Olivate, Picea abies Extract, Tsuga canadensis Extract, TriSTAT Eco Natural Preservative-Benzyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Caprylate and Glyceryl Undecylenate

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