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Heartland Forest Incense

Heartland Forest Incense

1.5 oz of loose granular incense in a corked, thick glass jar. Each jar of incense includes a green Jade stone heart.


The next morning, after the folks of the Frosted Forest have gathered in the Heartland, and created and enjoyed their Heart of the Forest, they gently remove the heart that's been interwined with fragrant dried flowers, wood, and leaves, bound with vine and sap, and placed with cones and dried berries.


Together they delicately unravel the green heart, each hand taking a piece, and together, they each grind their little bits into powder, between granite and quartz. The fragrant powder is collected into a large wooden bowl, and then bound with honey, resin, dried grapes and plums. The scent wafting from the bowl is delightful on its own, but the final step is to heat the incense.


The incense is ready to be heaped onto flat, slate stones, prepared by lighting the fire underneath them. The stones become fiery with heat, and it's time to lay the incense upon them.


The incense is placed upon the hot stones, and immediately it begins to heat, melt, and pool around the hot stones. As it warms, a sweet fragrance begins to fill the forest air. Notes of spicy resins, conifer needles, honey, poplar buds, green pine cones, herbs, wine, and fruit. The beings of the Heartland recite the words they all know by heart;


Heat the incense by the hearth,

For incense gives old stories birth.

Listen closely and you will hear,

Whispers between the smoke,

True and clear,

Magic, visions, and secrets,

Of tomorrow and yesteryear.


Cups of warm forest chai tea, with sides of tiny spiced cakes and chocolate oat cookies are served, and joints rolled in vanilla soaked tobacco leaves filled with cannabis, chamomile, and honey are passed around as all enjoy the nostalgic, heavenly scent of the incense, the warmth of the bonfire, and each other's company. They listen closely to the incense, as it pools, bubbles, and releases it's scent, for it weaves stories through their minds, to share, to hold, to know.


Handcrafted Extractions of;

Pinyon Pine




Jasmine Enfleurage Extrait

Painted onto Blue Butterfly Pea Flowers, which adorn the beautiful, hand ground incense blend of;


Frankincense, painted with my handcrafted Fir Balsam Absolute and Rose Enfleurage Extrait


Himalayan Rhododendron


White Copal

Boreol Camphor Resin

Hawaiian Vetiver Root

Orris Root

Black Spruce Needles


And very fragrant Lavender Buds from our organic garden.


And finally I dipped Purple Yarrow flowers, from our organic garden, in concentrated honey and my own Amber Accord, and then rolled them in powdered benzoin and frankincense.


The incense is a potent, gorgeous floral amber, complex and resinous. The jasmine, lavender, and rose are quite pronounced, and as the incense heats, their floral notes meld into the spicy Amber, creating a lovely oriental fragrance.


This incense needs to be heated on an electric incense burner, or alternatively, heated on foil or a mica plate over a charcoal. It can be burned on a charcoal, however, this burns the incense. Gently heating it slowly releases all of the delicate notes of the precious materialls, without the scent of burning resins and plants, and allows you to experience the full heart song of the flowers captured in the incense.

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