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Helliruna Solid Perfume

Helliruna Solid Perfume

Hella-afterlife, runa-secret, mystery. Helliruna, the Queen of Mean, the devil's despair, the black shadow out of the corner of your eye. The shriek that you hear, the breath on your neck, that gut wrenching feeling, that makes you feel there's something wicked coming. The graveyard howler, the bump in the night, and just when you've let out a sigh, it's lights out and goodnight, because tonight's the night that Helliruna rides.......A necro call from beyond to steep a magical brew. A channeled vision from the Helliruna herself. She's been waiting for me...... and it's time. She cackles, and I can feel her swampy breathe, as hot as hell, upon my neck, and as if I am not near, she bellows in my ear; "dark roots of vetiver and angelica entwined around patchouli, moss, tobacco, fermented fig and plum, and forest incense jewels, wrapped in velvet black rose from the deepest part of the forest". Sworn to secrecy of the details, I grab my hooded cape and foraging basket, and head out into the dark, muggy woods.......the Helliruna trailing behind me with her black death and dark horse close behind. The Helliruna extends her gnarly finger indicating what has already been aformentioned. I collect what is needed, hurrying, as I feel dawn is drawing near, and the Helliruna will retreat to her damp, dark cavern at the promise of sunshine. Back at my lair I prepare the vessel and follow the instructions laid out by the Helliruna's raspy voice. Smoke begins to funnel off the potion, until not a drop is left in the cast iron pot, and the elixir settles into the glass apothecary bottles she laid out with her crooked hands.Helliruna opens with tingly incense magic, threads of saffron soaked stone fruit and resin fill the air. As the smoke heightens, a dark heart arises from it's middle, juicy with the fleshy musk of black roses, and tendrils of tender floral meat. Helliruna, as dark as the night, she cannot be seen with the naked eye, she leaves her mark with incense resins, twisted roots, and spicy bark. Just a hint of crunchy Mabon leaves and forest floor. Don't be surprised if you hear a knock, knock, knock on your door.......Handcrafted extracts of; Frankincense Resinoid, Opoponax Myrrh Resinoid, Saffron Absolute, White, Pink, and Yellow Yarrow distillation, Ghost Pipe Flower Absolute, Hawaiian Vetiver Root Absolute, Hyracuem Absolute, Agarwood and Sandalwood Absolute, Blood Orange Peel Wax, Labdanum Absolute, Ambrette Seed Absolute, Dried Patchouli Leaf Absolute set into my Rose and Tuberose Enfleurage.

Ingredients: Handcrafted Botanical Extracts, Absolutes, Distillations, Waxes, Concretes, Resinoids, Tinctures, and Enfleurages. Liquid Perfumes are in a base of Organic Cold-Pressed Jojoba oil, and Solid Perfumes are based in Organic Plant Butters and Organic Raw Beeswax from our honey bee hives.

  • Packaging Details and Shelf Life

    Full size liquid perfumes are packaged in thick walled glass roller bottles. Full size solid perfumes are packaged in low profile french glass jars. Mini liquid 2ml and 3ml sizes are packaged in green glass roller bottles. Liquid 1ml sample sizes are packaged in glass sample vials, and 1ml solid sample sizes are packaged in plastic cosmetic lacon sample containers. Shelf life is 2 years from Date of Purchase. 

    Orders are nestled in forest and garden botanicals we collect and dry, inside a pretty green box made of recycled materials. Tied with green and white gold threaded cord, and topped with a gold charm. Wrapped in tissue paper with special paper sticker for easy recycling. All orders come with Jade Forest Co. logo artwork card in gold envelope with green wax seal stamped with our tree sigil emblem. Card can be personalized with your own message. Leave a note in comments at checkout for card personalization. Please note sample sizes will be packaged together in one box.

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