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Queen's Chamber~Honey Bush, Poplar Bud, and Propolis Honey Facial Cleanser

Queen's Chamber~Honey Bush, Poplar Bud, and Propolis Honey Facial Cleanser

4 oz in a glass pump bottle. Best enjoyed within 6 months of purchase


A Winter version of our cult favorite honey face wash, created with our Autumn honey harvest. There's a reason this honey face wash is our best seller, and I can't keep it in stock for more than a few days, it works incredibly well and does everything it's supposed to do; clears acne and blackheads, keeps pores clean and clear, and plumps and hydrates skin. It's incredibly gentle and suitable for all skin types.


Our honey face washes are created mostly of our raw honey. A mild coconut derived, gentle soap is added for lather and rinse-ability, and the formulas are imbued with unique combinations of powerful, skin loving plant extractions.


The magic is within the honey. Our honey is organic and harvested directly from our treatment free, smoke free honey bee hives. The honey is not heated, and is gently strained rather than filtered, keeping it's antimicrobial properties and pro and prebiotics intact. We never ever feed our bees sugar, but instead we harvest only the extra honey, leaving them plenty for Winter and early Spring. Beekeepers who over harvest honey from their hives, must supplement their bees by feeding sugar. This is not the way we beekeep, never have, never will. We believe in the natural process, our bees feed from the many plants we grow in our gardens, and also from the wild flora and forest. This process allows the bees to create a honey that is rich in pro and prebiotics, vitamins, minerals, and of course plant magic.


I named this special edition Winter version of our honey face wash "Queen's Chamber" because it is reminiscent of the delicious spicy, tea and honey scent that pours from the Queen Bees brood box in Spring and Summer. The formula is imbued with my handcrafted extractions of Poplar Buds, hand collected from our forest, and a cherry sweet Propolis extraction, the best I've ever created, concentrated, with an amazing fragrance. The organic propolis used for the extraction was collected in Autumn from our honey bee hives. Propolis is one of my favorite skincare ingredients because it's incredibly antimicrobial and can heal bacterial and fungal skin issues, including acne. I've also included an organic CO2 extraction of Honey Bush Tea, sourced from an artisan distiller in South Africa. Both the Poplar Bud and Honey Bush Tea work in tandem along with the Propolis, imparting remarkable healing capabilities.


This formula is able to be preservative free due to the pH of the product, and the amazing antimicrobial properties of raw honey.


The soft scent is truly enjoyable, sweet, warm amber notes of honey, tea and poplar. The plush texture feels beautiful as it glides across the skin. Honey is a humectant, meaning it helps water hydrate the skin. This action provides an amazing plumping effect on skin, leaving skin ready for moisturizer. This is the most concentrated formula of honey wash I've made to date, and only a dime size amount is needed for your entire face, a little bit goes a long way, creating a rich, creamy, bubbly lather that feels very smooth and silky.


Ingredients: Organic Raw Honey, Propolis Glycerite, Coconut Derived Natural Soap, Poplar Bud Extract, Honey Bush Tea CO2 Extract


INCI Ingredients: Mel (Organic Raw Honey), Propolis Glycerite/Vegetable Glycerin, Coco Betaine, Coco Glucoside, Populus Nigra Extract, Cyclopia Intermedia Extract

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