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Honeycomb Carousel~Perfume

Honeycomb Carousel~Perfume

The honey bee hive is like a carousel that never stops spinning. Bees coming and going, wings flapping drying their honey, and guards on call always. Cells full of nectar and pollen, emptied and then filled again. A never ending circle of life, when one bee dies, another emerges from the comb.


This perfume is full circle, it contains many components from our organic honey bee hives. The base is an alcohol we created from our own honey mead. The honey mead was created with Honeycomb from our organic, treatment free honey bee hives hives, wild grapes, and autumn olive berries. After fermenting for a little over a year, we distilled the fermented honey mead to create a high proof alcohol. The wild grapes and autumn olives were dehydrated in the sun, and then tinctured in the high proof honey mead alcohol. The fragrance is incredible. Like smelling fresh grapes drizzled in honey. This serves as the base of the perfume, and my handcrafted extractions of honeycomb, propolis, and beeswax were imbued into the delicious base. Floral enfleurage extraits, and a few other hand rafted extractions help to heighten the honey scent. A delightful Honeycomb Carousel on your skin, the scent of honey revolving around and around. A gourmand Amber with honeyed floral notes.


This perfume is set in organic, high proof, food grade alcohol, distilled by us from our own honey mead created from honeycomb from our bee hives. This was blended with my handcrafted tinctures of Beeswax, Raw Honeycomb, Propolis, Frankincense, Chamomile, Orange Peel, Vanilla, Bushman Candle, Honey Mead Fermented Grape and Autumn Olive, and Elderflower. And the Enfleurage Extraits of Paperwhite, Gardenia, and Jasmine. It's a sweet, gourmand, floral honey musk that is long lasting and diffusive. If you love the scent of honey, you will love this perfume.


Please note; because the composition contains resin and honey extractions, it leaves a slight stickiness to the skin for a few minutes after application, which dissipates soon after. Applying unscented lotion, oil, or body butter underneath (or layering over an oil based or solid perfume), will prevent the few minutes of slight stickiness.

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