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Honeycomb Icicles Cleansing Balm

Honeycomb Icicles Cleansing Balm

2 oz in a glass jar with mini honey dipper. I hold the dipper part and use the handle to scoop out the perfect amount.


Melia, Nymph of the honey bees, Queen of the golden flow. The Frosted Forest Nymph has sent her a message through a daydream, asking her to come and assist in the Frosted Forest. She doesn't give details, but does say there are honey bees in need, and to come quickly! And so Melia immediately suited up in her warmest of clothing, and knowing her wings wouldn't work in the bitter cold of the Frosted Forest, she pulled on her thickest socks and boots, packs a bag, and heads toward the North.


Melia travels all day, and into the night, finally reaching the cold northern Frosted Forest portal, and zips through to the other side. No longer able to fly, she lands upon the cold snow with a thud, as her delicate, lace-like wings give out. A nearby family of Snowflake Sprite hear the noise, running out to see what had hit the ground so hard.


Melia stood up, unfazed, and introduced herself to the sprites;

"I am Melia, Queen of the Honey Bees," she said as she outreached her hand towards the tiny sprite. The eldest stepped forward and laid his hand upon her pointer finger, in an odd kind of hand shake.

"Why hello Melia, I am Grandfather White River, the eldest of the Snowflake Sprite. Believe it or not you've landed in exactly the right place, for we have received a message from the Frosted Forest Nymph through the flame of our candles lit for her. She told us you'd land right here, and she instructed us to lead you to the great honeycomb in the Heartland of the forest."


"Ah yes, I know the Frosted Forest Nymph works in mysterious ways. Now it is night, and so I will make camp, and we will head there in the morning." Said Melia with a smile.


"But Miss Melia, the Frosted Forest Nymph said we shall not wait when you arrive. She stressed it is impertinent we bring you to their hive as you get here. We've asked the elves to ready torches, candles, and lanterns to guide us through the forest, and if we leave now, we will reach the Heartland just after sunrise." Said Grandfather White River in a very serious tone.


"Then that is just what we will do!" Said Melia.


The Snowflake Sprites neighbors, a kind family of elves, offering not only their guidance, but their fastest sled dogs to pull them through the snow covered, icy forest. They all happily obliged, and headed into the Frosted Forest.


Melia soon fell asleep on the sled as her new friends commanded the dogs through the dense forest and down the icy trail towards the Heartland of the forest. She awoke to the soft flutter of a snowflake sprites hand waking her. She was delighted to see the warm sun beginning to rise behind the horizon. "We're almost there," whispered the little sprite.


A few minutes later they arrived at the magnificent honey bee hive, the sun rising behind it, lighting up the golden comb. It was the largest bee hive Melia had ever seen, the biggest hive the Queen of honey bees has ever laid eyes on! It spanned from tree to tree, forming a gigantic skep. With the sun's rays rising behind the huge hive, Melia noticed right away why the Frosted Forest Nymph had called on her.


The largest part of the bee hive, the brood chamber, where the Queen Bee resides, had a large hole in it's side, honey had poured from it, and with it being freezing cold, the honey crystalized, forming icicles made of honey. The hole however had a gaping area at it's top, allowing cold air into the beehive, making it difficult for the honey bees to keep the bee hive warm.


Melia peered inside, and sure enough a whole lot of tired bees peered back at her, making little squeaking sounds, which to Melia, translated as cries for help. The bees had done their best to keep the hive warm by batting their wings in unison, creating heat. But as the heat seeped from the hole, it grew colder in the hive, the bees not able to move their wings once the temperature dropped. Melia knew she had arrived not a moment too soon, and immediately got to work patching up the hole. With a snap of her fingers and a blink of her eyes, she'd materialized a piece of beautiful golden comb. She placed it over the hole, running her fingers along the seams, warm propolis seeping from her beneath her fingertips, she sealed up the edges, creating a perfect little patch over the hole. Next she began to swirl around, creating a cyclone of warmth, the scent of bee pheromones and raw heat pouring from her person as she did so, surrounding the hive, bringing it back up to temperature.


The snowflake sprites looked on in amazement, silent, and waiting to hear the buzz of wings. The Queen Bee let out a procession of beeps from inside the hive, as if tooting a little horn and directing the worker, forager, and nurse bees to carry on. This was followed by the bzzzzz of the honey bees wings, a sign that all would be well!


Honey, Honey, Honey! Honey, let me tell you! This cleansing balm is like a delicacy for your skin and nose. The scent is delicious, it smells like honey and cream, reminiscent of vanilla frosting! The formula is so thick, rich, and concentrated. It has a whopping plant oil and butter phase of 60%, and it's water portion is created with raw honey from our organic honey bee hives, plant sugars infused with raw propolis, also harvested from our bee hives, and very little water. Silky, glass like liquid fir balsam is included in the oil portion, which is made up of Chia Seed Butter, creamy and softly fragrant, it smells like soft folds of whipped cream. Cold pressed, vitamin packed Kukui, Pumpkin, and Macadamia Oils help to dissolve oils and make up from skin while moisturizing, and raw honey and propolis extract calm inflamed skin and redness. The antimicrobial effects of the raw honey and propolis pack a punch, not only healing acne, but over time they help dissolve black heads and comedones, keeping pores clear.


This cleansing balm will remove the toughest of make up, even waterproof, but is so incredibly gentle and moisturizing. It rinses completely clean, leaving no residue, but instead very plump, hydrated skin.


Directions: Apply cleansing balm to dry skin, massaging in a circular motion. Once you've massaged the cleansing balm into skin, close your eyes and massage onto relaxed eyelids, and under eyes. Wet hands and massage the warm water into the cleansing balm, creating a creamy lather, and then rinse clean. If you are wearing heavy make up, you may want to massage balm into skin for a minute or two longer, to ensure all make up is loosened from skin, and rinses away with the rich lather.


Ingredients: Kukui Candlenut Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Macadamia Oil, Chia Seed Butter, Water, Olive Derived Ecocertified Cosmos Approved Natural Emulsifier, Organic Raw Honey, Propolis Glycerite, Balsam Fir Resin, Coconut Derived Soap, Natural Ecocertified Cosmos Approved Natural Preservative


INCI Ingredients: Aleurites moluccana Seed Oil, Cucurbita Pepo Seed Oil, Macadamia ternifolia Seed Oil, Salvia hispanica Seed Butter, Water Aqua, Cetearyl Olivate and Sorbitan Olivate, Mel (Honey), Propolis Extract (and) Vegetable Glycerin, Abies balsamea Resin, Coco Glucoside, Geogard Natural Preservative-Benzyl Alcohol & Salicylic Acid & Glycerin & Sorbic Acid

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