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Jade Forest Chai

Jade Forest Chai

Perfumed Tea
Jade Forest Chai:

Wildcrafted from our forest:
Balsam Fir needles
Norway Spruce needles
Juniper Berries
Wild Rose Hips collected in our forest berry garden 
Organic Orange Wedges Soaked in Honey Mead/Molomel (made with honeycomb from our organic bee hives,  blackberries and autumn olives from our forest berry garden), and dehydrated.

Sourced ingredients:
Organic Black Tea Leaves
Vanilla Beans, (I chopped, dried, cured  and ground them)

Dark, comforting, warming. The taste and incense of the forest alchemized into a cup of tea! The perfect cup of tea as a substitute for coffee, as it contains a small amount of caffeine, contributed by the organic black tea leaves. It's PACKED with vitamin C, so not only is it energizing to your mind and body, but it's a great immune booster as well.

 This is a loose whole plant tea. This means the ingredients are chopped, but kept as whole as possible to retain all of their vitamins and nutrients. All teas are loose, and packaged in a food-grade, quality, resealable bag, which can be reused, or recycled once tea is consumed. All teas are accompanied with 20 compostable, one time use tea bags, but tea can be placed in a tea strainer, or whichever method you prefer for loose tea. Tea is best consumed within 6 months of purchase to obtain it's nutrients, vitamins, and herbal benefits, but if stored in a cool, dry place , away from sunlight, it can last up to a year. It will not expire, but it will lose potency over time.
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