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Jade Forest Co. Speciality Raw Beeswax

Jade Forest Co. Speciality Raw Beeswax

3 ounces of Raw Beeswax for solid perfumes, salves, enfleurage and other cosmetic applications. Packaged in a resealable kraft mylar bag.


Please note this is a raw ingredient for those that wish to use it in their own handcrafted products.


Raw Beeswax from our organic, treatment and smoke-free bee hives. But this isn't just raw beeswax. You know that is just not my style! Instead I have two types of raw beeswax to offer.


*Propolis Infused Beeswax-~Raw beeswax gently filtered and infused with my handcrafted Propolis Resinoid. The Propolis used to create the resinoid extraction is collected in Autumn from our beehives. The result is a gorgeous wax with notes of honey, fruit, and imbued with the healing properties propolis. Propolis has been shown to be highly antimicrobial, and is used for many different skin afflictions, from acne to athletes foot. It also is antiinflammatory, and is a great option for pain salves and muscle rubs. I love propolis, and personally have found it quite effective in treating acne.


*Tuberose Enfleurage Beeswax~ Raw beeswax, gently filtered, which has had fresh Tuberose Flowers laid upon it's surface repeatedly, until the beeswax is saturated with their scent. Instead of the traditional enfleurage I usually create using a softer plant butter with oils and beeswax, I used only a thin block of scored raw beeswax from our beehives in the enfleurage trays, and laid the flowers onto the surface. Once the top was saturated with scent, I flipped the block of beeswax, scored it, and laid fresh flowers on the other side, until it too was saturated with scent. The result is a beeswax too divine not to share. The raw beeswax worked as a fixative, absorbing and holding onto the scent of the tuberose flowers. I have more than I could possibly use, and have decided to offer it as a raw ingredient for those who may want to add a divine honeyed floral scent along with their beeswax. The wax is lovely, with notes akin to smelling a fresh tubersose flower; citrus-y green apricot notes amongst the sweet honeyed scent of tuberose flowers. The honey scent of the raw beeswax melds beautifully with the scent of the tuberose flowers, a perfect pairing.


Our raw beeswax is incredibly beautiful and this batch was created from whole honeycomb. The wax is gently heated to remove leftover honey and particulate, and gently filtered to create a velvety smooth beeswax that retains all of its healing properties. This 2021 batch of beeswax is very creamy and soft. We do not use smoke on our bees, and so the beautiful honey, floral scent is lovely and clean.


This raw ingredient can be used just like any beeswax. It can be used in solid perfumes, salves, creams, and any application where beeswax is needed. It can also be used to stiffen your own enfleurage butter, giving you a head start with a bit of lovely scent!


My preference is to use a cheese grater to grate the beeswax into thin flakes from the chunks. This way, they melt quickly, allowing you to quickly incorporate, and remove it from the heat before any scent is lost.

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