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Jade Forest Co. Specialty Lavender Absolute

Jade Forest Co. Specialty Lavender Absolute

5 ml of my handcrafted Lavender Absolute created from our 7 varieties of organically grown lavender in a sealed glass concentrate jar.


This absolute is thick, vicious, and slightly waxy. Only the flower stalks were used in the extraction process. This is a double extraction; I used both fresh and dried flowers, to capture the many shades of lavender, creating a dynamic absolute. It can be used in perfume, skincare, body butter, salves and body balms.


The fragrance is lovely, very floral and sweet. This absolute has notes similar to the essential oil, but more floral, less medicinal, with sweet gourmand coumarin notes fluttering through the diffusive floral lavender.


*Please note this is a concentrated raw ingredient of organic origin. It requires dilution before use, and is not intended to be a finished product.

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