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Jade Forest Co. Specialty Propolis Resinoid

Jade Forest Co. Specialty Propolis Resinoid

5 ml in a glass concentrate jar.


Hand collected propolis resin from our organic honey bee hives is extracted with organic food grade ethanol to produce a thick, fragrant resinoid.


Propolis in my opinion is one of the most healing substances nature has to offer. Propolis is highly antimicrobial and accelerates wound/skin healing. I have found extractions of propolis to be highly beneficial for acne when used in skin care formulations. It has been shown to be antifungal and antibacterial, and effective in treating fungal and bacterial infections of the skin. Propolis is created by Honey Bees. No honey bees are harmed in the process of collecting propolis. We do not scrape or take propolis from the walls of our bee hives, but rather, we use propolis collection screens in Autumn, which the bees graciously fill with their extra propolis, which is then collected by simply removing the screen from the hive.


The complex scent of propolis, makes it quite an intriguing gift from the honey bees, less known than it's honey counterpart, but just as lovely and beneficial. Propolis is made up of various plant, tree, flower waxes and resins, which is collected and processed by the honey bees. Our honey bees propolis is indicative of the plant life in our New England forest. The scent is deep and complex, the top notes are reminiscent of oak wood slathered in pine tar lacquer, sweet notes of woods and the spice of the forest. The top notes dissipate, and a multifaceted middle note appears, plump cherries, fermented stone fruit, poplar buds, and tree sap, a melange of the fruit of the forest. This mellows into a deep base note, a musky, honeyed amber. Notes of honey run amuck with a musk akin to the Queen Bee's pheromones tamed and tempered in spicy autumnal honey. It's a primal, sensual, sweet musk implicative of the indolic musk you breathe from between the petals of a flower.



*Please note this is a concentrated raw ingredient of organic origin. It requires dilution before use and is not intended to be a finished product.


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