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Jade Forest Loose Smudge

Jade Forest Loose Smudge

A beautifully fragrant loose smudge, perfect for outdoor incense offerings, when honoring a plant allie, and asking permission to harvest. It can also be used to stuff perfume satchels, or as a lovely potpourri.  If potpourri is your intention, you can choose the option below, and I will tuck in packaged  pinecones, and white birch bark. If you choose incense, I will add more/extra pine and spruce resins to your smudge.

I like to burn incense offerings for our garden plant harvests, especially when wildcrafting from our Forest. I bring this smudge with me into the forest, along with an incense coal, a lighter, and a small saucer sized dish, all in my foraging backpack. They're small, convenient, and fit inside the front pocket of my bag. When I find what I have set out to harvest, I love to light the coal on my little dish, until warm and lit, and then I sprinkle a bit of this smudge onto the coal. I take in the beauty of the forest, deeply breathing in the cool, refreshing air, slowing my heartbeat, calming my mind, so that I may more easily connect with the plant spirit. I let the plant spirit know my intentions, and I ask permission to harvest them respectfully. And I listen with my heart for their response.

All botanicals are organic and grown here on our flower farm and harvested from our pristine forest.
Silver Artemisia
Sweet Annie 
Ghost Pipe Flowers
Labrador Tea
Sweet Gale Myrtle
Balsam and Grand Fir Needles
Spruce Resin
Pine Resin
Garden Tobacco Leaf
Sweet Grass
Black Honey Sage
Dominican Sage

2 oz. in a resealable bag.
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