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Lilac Blueberry Cove Solid Perfume

Lilac Blueberry Cove Solid Perfume

Tucked away on the corner of a local lake, is a cove of wild blueberry bushes and antique lilacs planted at the turn of the century. This is not a place that is easily found. We only know about it because I grew up on the lake, and only those that live in the community know about the cove. We keep it secret. In Spring, the Lilacs bloom, and you can smell them on the trail long before you see them. We'd pick baskets of the fragrant flowers, and bring them home. Our Mom would soak them into fresh heavy cream, and we'd eat the whipped heaven topping on top of our Spring time treats. Next the blueberries begin to bloom then fruit, and we'd pick baskets and bowls full of the tiny treasures to make blueberry pancakes, muffins, scones, tarts, and fresh jam to slather on top of it all! One summer the fire trail that leads to the cove was blocked because they were combing the dirt road, so we rowed our small canoe along the shore line until we reached the cove. We were not letting our share go wasted! These bushes were so loaded even the birds and chipmunks couldn't eat them all!The scent of lilacs and blueberries reminds me of this magical place and the fun I had as a kid eating from the land and learning how to respectfully harvest in the wild. 

This perfume is created with lilac enfleurage extrait absolute created from my lilac flowers in a special enfleurage process using traditional trays, but instead of the flowers laid on top of the base, they are left on their stems and laid onto screens over the base. This allows them to last longer on enfleurage, and is less time consuming than picking each flower off the stem. The lilac enfleurage extrait absolute is married with silky Blueberry Seed Oil, which naturally has a bright, vibrant fruity scent similar to the fruits themselves, and a blueberry accord created from handcrafted absolutes of garden lavender, davana, tonka bean, and dehydrated wild blueberries. And a touch of my handcrafted Vanilla Bean Oleoresin, Violet Leaf Absolute, and Iris Root Butter, sweetens the pot, but not too sweet, allowing the green snap of the lilacs to resonate throughout the whole perfume.

I created the lilac enfleurage from the flowers at our previous home. A massive lilac hedge made up of several lilac cultivars, that served as a privacy wall, with the different varieties blooming through out the season. When we purchased this home, we brought suckers from the bushes, which will finally flower this year! I created the enfleurage 5 years ago, and once it had been charged numerous times, I immediately plunked it into organic grain alcohol, allowed it to extract, removed the enfleurage, filtered the alcohol, and hoarded the extrait for years! I recently decided it was time to use it, and co-evaporated it with a tincture of my garden grown and aged orris root. The orris root really amplifies the scent of the lilac, while anchoring the fleeting floral fragrance of the lilacs.

Ingredients: Handcrafted Botanical Extracts, Absolutes, Distillations, Waxes, Concretes, Resinoids, Tinctures, and Enfleurages. Liquid Perfumes are in a base of Organic Cold-Pressed Jojoba oil, and Solid Perfumes are based in Organic Plant Butters and Organic Raw Beeswax from our honey bee hives.
  • Packaging Details and Shelf Life

    Full size liquid perfumes are packaged in thick walled glass roller bottles. Full size solid perfumes are packaged in low profile french glass jars. Mini liquid 2ml and 3ml sizes are packaged in green glass roller bottles. Liquid 1ml sample sizes are packaged in glass sample vials, and 1ml solid sample sizes are packaged in plastic cosmetic lacon sample containers. Shelf life is 2 years from Date of Purchase. 

    Orders are nestled in forest and garden botanicals we collect and dry, inside a pretty green box made of recycled materials. Tied with green and white gold threaded cord, and topped with a gold charm. Wrapped in tissue paper with special paper sticker for easy recycling. All orders come with Jade Forest Co. logo artwork card in gold envelope with green wax seal stamped with our tree sigil emblem. Card can be personalized with your own message. Leave a note in comments at checkout for card personalization. Please note sample sizes will be packaged together in one box.

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