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Moon Drunk Incense Sticks

Moon Drunk Incense Sticks

5 premium 4 inch incense sticks in a glass corked, beeswax sealed vial.


You know that feeling you get when you are under a full Moon, the moonlight streaming down through the clouds, lighting up the stars? You too feel as full as the Moon. A heart heavy with love is most effected by this strange luminous magic. Moon Drunk, spun full of Moon beams and dizzied by the moonlight.


These incense sticks are heavily laden with Moon secrets, Moon dust, and the blend of fragrant plants, flowers, and resins, will make you feel as if you just finished swinging over the earth on fractals of moonlight, or twirled between the Moon beams by strange magic. Many of the plants and resins in this blend have been known since ancient times to produce an effect of calm and serene feelings. But not a calm that is grounding like Draw Down the Moon Incense imparts, but one that makes you feel as if you can fly to the Moon and back.


My own handcrafted incense sticks have no bamboo stick, and are made completely of plant material I have ground fine by hand, sifted, and formed into sticks with a hand extruder tool.


Moon Drunk incense sticks are made with;



Labrador Tea Leaves

Plantation grown Sandalwood

Plantation grown Agarwood

Orris Root

Angelica Root

Dried Paperwhite Flowers





The finely powdered plant materials were lightly hydrated with our own artisan distillation hydrosol, Moonlight River, and then extruded to form sticks. The sticks were allowed to dry on special, handcrafted copper screens framed in wood. Once completely dry, I painted each and every stick several times with a sticky, resinous blend of my handcrafted extractions.



Painted with extractions of;

Jasmine Flower Enfleurage Extrait

Saigon Cinnamon


Sweet Incense Tree


Opoponax Myrrh

Cognac Soaked Vanilla Bean

Angelica Root

Our artisan co-distillation of Virginia Cedarwood, Balsam and Grand Fir infused with Ambergris


The result is an incense stick with a scent so heavenly, it travels past the ether, and is enough to get the Moon Drunk with its divine fragrance. The scent is like bowls of ripe cherries drizzled in precious woods and sappy resins, imbued with honey and herbs, and laced with sumptuous white floral. My best incense sticks yet, they burn incredibly evenly and slow, produce very little smoke, and fill the house with natural scent. Even while it's burning, it's as if it is not. I can't explain it in words, you have to see for yourself. I take pride in how little smoke these produce, yet so much scent! Each stick is about 30 minutes of burn time. I personally put them out halfway, as that is enough to fill my house with their divine lingering fragrance. Our home has an open floor plan, and the scent fills the house by only burning a half of a stick, so I imagine a quarter of a stick would easily scent one room.


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