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Moon Milk~Solid Perfume

Moon Milk~Solid Perfume

Luna the Moon Nymph, dressed in a skirt of silver and white, and a chest shield made of moonlight, with her locks of pure silver flowing behind her, she lept from where she was perched on the Milky Way Stairway. It was off to Earth for her. She had been watching moon gardens from up above, waiting for their white blossoms to open and release their elegant perfume. She tied a few bottles to her sparkly belt, hoping tonight was the night to bottle their lovely scent.


Once she reached Earth, she crept into the garden she loved most.......the garden of a perfumer, her flowers the most fragrant on Earth. She had a crescent shaped moon garden, full of the delightfully fragrant white flowers.


Luna immediately noticed the Paperwhites, Gardenias and Jasmine's were blossoming, and with a few magic words she called upon the enchanted beams of the moon. Their tendrils of light danced down the sky, and once close to the flowers, like a mist, they surrounded the white petaled beauties, which enlisted their sweet perfume to waft up like a song from their centers, and straight into the bottles, now open upon the Moon Nymphs belt.


Luna winked at the moon beams, and they crept behind her back as if hiding. She corked her bottles, turned to the perfumers home, and bowed in thanks, then walked towards the window of the perfume studio. She peered into the window at the perfume organ, spying the few bottles left on the desk.

"You know what to do!" She whispered to the moon beams behind her. They fluttered into the room, as if an innocent beam of light shining in from the window, and with their tendrils of light they picked up the three bottles in the middle of the desk, and carried them over to Luna. She popped their tops, and into her bottles she dispersed a few drops of each.

"That's just what I needed," she said as she handed the bottles back to the moonlight. They carried them back to where the bottles had been, and scooped up Luna with bent moon beams, carrying her up towards the moon. Once they reached the dimpled surface, she ticked the moon in just the right spot, and she laughed and laughed with glee, and as she did her big silver eyes let down a cloudy shimmer of tears, and Luna caught them one by one in her bottles, as Mother Moon gleamed.

"Thank you Mother Moon, the final touch I needed," she said as she smiled and tapped her bottles of milky perfume.


Ethereal night-blooming flowers enfleurages of Gardenia, Jasmine, and Paperwhite blended with creamy, milky Rice, feminine musks of Ambrette and Beeswax, and a touch of Vanilla to sweeten the pot. A floral ambrosia lit with moonlight, cashmere milky musk, and magic.


Handcrafted Extractions of: A base of fresh Jasmine, Gardenia, and Paperwhite Enfleurages, imbued with Vanilla Absolute, Beeswax Absolute, Ambrette Seed Absolute, Basmati and Jasmine Rice Absolute

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