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Moon Velvet Incense Sticks

Moon Velvet Incense Sticks

A velvet tapestry of the Moon.

Crystallized Frankincense and Myrrh cascade like moonlight over spicy Bushman Candle, Clove, Ginger, and Saigon Cinnamon. The Moon's muses, butter soft Jasmine and Gardenia, are braided into celestial Labdanum and Ambergris. Crushed velvet made of moon dust and blossoms.......


Mushroom clouds of perfume pour from Luna's chimney as she settles in front of the blazing fireplace with her spell book in hand. She weaves a new spell, memorizing each word as it's woven, and perfecting it's magic. Her silver ink swoops across the pages, twirling language, enchantment, and celestial sorcery onto the page. Once finished writing, she climbs the selenite stairs that lead to her observatory. Amongst the telescopes made of opalite, harps strung with moonbeams, and quartz towers ringing with stellar sounds, a wardrobe, locked up tight.


Around her neck, a silver chain is strung with a single silver key. She opens the wardrobe, revealing one garment floating inside. A floor length hooded cape, made of fabric like no other. Constructed from moonlight, a velvet, woven from the brightest moonbeams, with beads of crystalized moon dust meticulously woven throught out. Moon Velvet.


My own handcrafted incense sticks have no bamboo stick, and are made completely of plant material I have ground fine by hand, sifted, and formed into sticks with a hand extruder tool.


Moon Velvet Incense Sticks are made with;

Saigon Cinnamon

Himalayan Rhododendron



Plantation grown Sandalwood


Onycha Shell




The finely powdered plant materials were lightly hydrated with our own artisan distillation hydrosol, Luna Flower Hydrolat, and then extruded to form sticks. The sticks were allowed to dry on special, handcrafted copper screens framed in wood. Once completely dry, I painted each and every stick several times with a sticky, resinous blend of my handcrafted extractions.


Painted with extractions of;

Jasmine Enfleurage Extrait Absolute

Gardenia Enfleurage Extrait Absolute

African Frankincense

African Myrrh

Saigon Cinnamon

Sweet Incense Tree

An Amber Accord~a blend of resin and spice tinctures


My best incense sticks yet, they burn incredibly evenly and slow, produce very little smoke, and fill the house with natural scent. Even while it's burning, it's as if it is not. I can't explain it in words, you have to see for yourself. I take pride in how little smoke these produce, yet so much scent! Each stick is about 30 minutes of burn time. I personally put them out halfway, as that is enough to fill my house with their divine lingering fragrance. Our home has an open floor plan, and the scent fills the house by only burning a half of a stick, so I imagine a quarter of a stick would easily scent one room.


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