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Moonlight Weaver Smudge Wand

Moonlight Weaver Smudge Wand

"Mmmm" the Moonlight Weaver moans in delight, as she feels the first moonbeams of the night caress and kiss her skin with it's effervescence. It makes her glow, gives her life. Cloaked in a silver, hooded cape, the darkness of night hiding her, only the moon lights the path, the way. She hurries through the forest, on the well beaten rocky trail, and finally reaches her destination between the trees. A clearing, encircled with a flowing fresh water spring. Ancient willows, paper birches, and coniferous trees glowing green in the moonlight, grow along the spring, feeding from it's waters, forming a circle around the clearing.


Her walking stick, engraved with symbolic pictures, and embedded with silver encrusted moonstones, is immediately put to use as she draws a circle around herself. She kneels down in the center, and with her hands, she lights a fire at the North, East, South, and West directions of the circle. From her belt pouch she pulls out a small pocket knife, cuts three strands of her long silver hair, and lays the luminescent strands across the circle. She calls the elements; first, air, a gust of wind playfully picks her up, gently places her back on the ground, then promptly swirls itself into an ever moving spiral thread, and lays itself beside her strands of hair. Next, water, the spring begins to gush as droplets dance in the air above it, they join into a fluid, flowing thread of streaming water, which lays itself beside the thread of air. Then, fire, the four fires at each direction, throw flames into the air above her, which conjoin, and form a thread of fire, which lays itself beside the air and water threads. Last, earth, the ground begins to rumble, and the trees begin to shake, as micro minerals dance across the ground, coming together to form a thread of soil and life. It lays itself beside the three other elemental threads.


With her hands, voice, and choice words, she draws down the moon. The moon, much obliged, shines down on her, lighting up the circle. The Moonlight Weaver stretches her arms out, and her long delicate fingers draw out a thread of moon light from the beams. Control, and grace allows her to coax it gently into her hands, and she lays it next to the three strands of hair, and the elemental threads.


Threads all in place, she begins to hum a tune only the moon knows. One thread at a time, she begins to weave the threads; Up, over, between, underneath, knot....... Up, over, between, underneath, knot.......Up, over, between, underneath, knot.......through the night she weaves, until the threads are bound as one. With gentle movements and song, she bids goodbye to the moon, and draws her back into place in the sky, so she may set and the sun shall rise.


The Moonlight Weaver pulls her hood up, and her cloak closed, and flees with her spellbound woven cord. Before the night, and the disguise of darkness, is gone. There is much work to do.


The Moonlight Weaver Smudge Wand~Purple and White Yarrow, Balsam Fir, Artemisia, White Lavender, Purple Loosestrife, Queen Anne's Lace, Cedar. Adorned with Gardenia, Jasmine, White Lily Petals, White Carnation, 4 inch selenite stick, and angel hair quartz crystal. Bound with the Moonlight Weavers magical cord and hemp.


Each smudge wand includes a glass potion bottle, corked with a silver cord inside, a piece of tea stained handmade paper is included.


Write a spell or your desire on a small piece of paper. Roll up the piece of paper and tie it to the end of the silver moon weaver cord.


The Knotted Ladder Spell uses the power of intention to manifest what you will. One must be in a state of meditation, your mind unbound from the boundaries of consciousness. You must envision what you seek with precise clarity. And most importantly, you must believe in your power to manifest what you will.


Beginning at the opposite end of the cord from where you tied your paper, begin to read the incantation aloud as you tie each knot.


By knot of one, this spells begun.

By knot of two, this spell is true.

By knot of three, this spell is free.

By knot of four, this spells power I store.

By knot of five, this spell will thrive.

By knot of six, this spell I fix.

By knot of seven, of earth and heaven.

By knot of eight, my will be fate.

By knot of nine, the spell is mine.


Once you have finished the final knot, light the smudge wand, and concentrate on manifesting what you will.

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