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Moss Moon~Perfume

Moss Moon~Perfume

It is The Day of the Moss Moon, the one day of the year when the moss fae wrap the moon in green. To you it may appear an eclipse, but that's just what the moss fae want you to think.


The queen of the moss fae, as delicate as can be, leads the millions of moss fae to the moon. Their silver wings, iridescent, give off an effervescent glow, but they remain unseen in the moon beams, as they fly up to the moon. Their tradition calls for the queen to lay the first patch of moss upon the surface of the moon, and her fellow fae to follow suit one by one. They each fly close to the moons surface, and gently drop their mats of green upon her crust, and soon the entire surface is covered in the vibrant green moss, it's moonlight shining through each crack, like a puzzle lit from within. The moss fae join hands around the moon, forming a complete circle. They begin to hum a soft angelic tune, and the moss begins to connect, sealing the cracks between each piece, until the moon and her veil of light are encapsulated. The moss begins to glow brighter from underneath, pulsating, then all at once, as if the moss could no longer hold the light of the moon, the moss explodes from the moons surface, and floats off into space like stardust, revealing a more vibrant, beaming moon. Just as quickly as they arrived, the moss fae head back to the Earth's surface, to celebrate, eat, drink, dance, sing, be merry, and to bask in the now more vibrant than before moonlight. They'll return next year, to offer their energy, and to keep the moon as bright as can be.


Divine, indolic white flowers blend seamlessly with notes of green moss and ivy. The perfume opens with a melange of white floral enfleurage extraits, and the white floral notes remain through the dry down, which is a very creamy bed of green.


Handcrafted Extractions/Tinctures;

Gardenia Enfleurage Extrait

Hyacinth Enfleurage Extrait

Paperwhite Flower Extrait

Rose Enfleurage Extrait

Violet Leaf Tincture

Hawaiian Sandalwood Tincture

Orris Root Tincture

Oakmoss/Cedarmoss Tincture


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