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Nymph's Harvest Forest Ointment~Solid Perfume

Nymph's Harvest Forest Ointment~Solid Perfume



The Forest Tree Nymphs, Birch, Maple, Apple, and Plum held hands and danced around the willow tree, it's fern like leaves gracing their shoulders as they paraded around the old furrowed trunk.

"Let's go decorate the big old wooden table with the last of our Autumn harvest!" Exclaimed Maple to the three others Nymphs.

"Most certainly!" Birch eloquently said.

"Yes!" Said Apple and Plum in unison.

They trotted off to the old wooden tree, which was the size of a house, and in fact had one carved out in the inside. A cozy place it was; bedrooms with bunk beds, and circular staircases leading to wooden hallways that echo lined with candle scones, rooms with stone baths that have places carved out for their washing bowls, and water pitchers, and in the center what they called the great room.


The great room had half it's walls lined with shelves full of books, and the other one wall lined with comfortable, pillow and blanket stacked nooks carved into the wall of the tree, and the other, which faced to outside, housed the large fireplace, which always remained lit.


In the middle of the great room sat a massive, heavy wooden table, a bench on each side and two chairs fit to be throwns on the ends. The Nymphs scurried into their tree den, each removing their shoes at the door, and discussing the Autumn chill that chased them in quickly. Each of their baskets full to the brim, they brought them to the great table. Apple and Plum made a mound of apples in the tables center, while the other two encircled them with pumpkins, butternuts, and gourds. Loose black walnuts, hickory nuts, and chestnuts were strewed around the table and the Nymphs brought out wooden bowls to hold their Autumn berries and olives. Herbs were bundled, and spices laid out to dry. Maple and Birch simmered tree sap into syrup.


Halfway through the decorating Spruce joined into the festivities, and walked in with boughs of fragrant needles flush with green cones. She placed them just so around the table, while Apple and Plum dressed beeswax candles with fragrant seed oils.


Apple looked down at the table, a mass of beautiful goods, a satisfying harvest. She passed over the surface, taking in a deep breath, "My does all of bounty smell quite delicious!" She exclaimed to the other Nymphs.


Plum followed suit and took a big whiff of the fragrance floating up from the table, "Mmmm, nothing smells yummier than a Nymph's Harvest! Such a good day to be a Nymph!" She said as she clapped and bounced on her feet.


A sweet sugar plum note melds into gourmand spices and autumn herbs, while succulent florals dance in the background. The rich perfumes dries down into simmered tree sap amber, spelt grains, and warm, cozy notes of honey and hay.


Handcrafted Extractions of: Wild Chamomile, Polish and German Chamomile, Helichrysum, Sweet Woodruff, Crystalized Maple Sugar with Cognac Soaked Vanilla Beans, Crystalized Birch Syrup with Cherry Liqueur Soaked Dehydrated Cherries, Clove, Nutmeg, Cinnamon Bark, Peru Balsam Resin, Norway Spruce Resin, Beeswax Absolute, Artisan Co-distillation of Goldenrod, Apple, Sage, and Artemisia. Set in Pumpkin Seed Oil, Plum Seed Oil, Rose Enfleurage, Gardenia Enfleurage, and Raw Beeswax from our organic, treatment free honey bee hives.


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