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Pan~cakes Incense

Pan~cakes Incense

Fragrant forest cakes of incense created Japanese Nerikoh style with hand powdered botanicals, resins, New England Berries and Plums, our own Raw Honey, and rolled in powdered Evergreens and Precious Woods. Created with the Forest God Pan as my muse, his wild nature imbued within the incense. Gently heat these incense cakes to fill your altar space or home with the scent of the forest. If you listen closely, you may hear the cheerful sound of the pan flute. Perfect for magical workings invoking the free spirited God Pan.

As Pan's Pan~cakes begin to heat, you are greeted by a rich, green herbal note, garden sage and cool, refreshing evergreens. Once the resins within the cakes begins to melt and pool, their resinous, sappy, jammy scent weaves between warm roots and precious woods, and an inviting, pleasing forest floor musk. 

8 incense cakes individually packaged in green foil, and nestled in a rectangular, reusable swing top black tin. Each cake provides 2-3 uses, just break off a piece, and wrap the rest back up in it's green foil. You'll get around 18-21 uses from this tin using fairly generous sized pieces from the cakes. 

These incense cakes are 100% natural and organic. They do not contain chemical fire starters and therefore cannot be "lit" like traditional incense. To experience this beautiful forest incense as intended, it needs to be heated gently. An electric incense heater will give best results, but charcoal with a mica plate, or any method in which the incense cakes is heated (opposed to burned), will also work. 

Sweet Gale Myrtle
Mint Leaf and Flower
Labrador Tea
Frankincense Resin
Myrrh Resin
Copal Resin
Bushman Candle
Balsam Fir Boughs and liquid Resin
Spruce Boughs and Resin
Pine Boughs and Resin
Juniper Boughs and Berries
Hawaiian and Australian Sandalwood
Costus Root
Orris Root
Angelica Root
Elecampane Root
Vetiver Root
Patchouli Leaves
Honey infused with pinecones and condensed
Handcrafted Black Honey Sage and Dominican Sage Absolute
Handcrafted Pine and Juniper Absolute
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