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Perfumed Honey

Perfumed Honey

4 ounces~ Honey is bottled in corked and sealed Vintage glass honey bottles. Creamed Frankincense Honey is packaged in corked and sealed Vintage glass creamed honey jars. The Green Pinecone Honey Syrup is 6 ounces packaged in a capped and sealed glass syrup bottle.


It's time for a fresh batch of Perfumed Honey! Jade Forest Co. infused and fermented Perfumed Honey is created with Honey from our own honey bee hives. Our honey is organic and raw, and we do not feed our honey bees during honey flows. Our Honey Bees feed from the many fragrant flowers and botanicals we grow here on our Forest flower farm, and of course, from the native flowers and trees. The honey on its own, is so flavorful and delectable, but to take it to the next level, we create fermented honey infusions with our own organic botanicals. Our Honey is extracted from the comb without heat or filtering. It is lightly strained to remove wax cappings, and retains all of it's pollen and goodness! If you really want to be in for a treat, try pairing our honey with our teas!


~Lubana- Infused with our own Bee Propolis, and Labdanum Resin wild harvested by hand, from Sises, Crete. Spicy and flavorful, with notes of honey cakes and buns. When we were straining this batch, the scent invoked images of fluffy, moist honey buns and honey cakes, their scent wafting from the oven.


~Creamed Yarrow, Bee Balm, and Black Honey Sage Infused with all three herbs. A delicate floral flavor and scent, with herbal tea notes. This is my preferred honey for my tea. The flavor is like amplified honey. The spicy flavor and floral scent of the yarrow is most noted, with the tea like scent of the bee balm, and the honeyed herbal sage playing in the background. Spun to creamy, spreadable perfection!


~Pinecone Tears- Honey infused with green pinecones, and blended with our own handcrafted and aged green Pinecone Syrup. Our Pinecone Syrup takes several months to create. First we hand collect green scotch pinecones from the trees on our property, allow them to rest on trays, and then steep them in barely simmering spring water for 2-3 days. The pinecones are strained out, and fresh cones are added, along with maple syrup sugar, and organic cane sugar. This is simmered for 2-3 days, until condensed to half it's volume. The syrup is strained again, bottled, and allowed to age for a few months, until we are ready to blend it with our Pinecone infused Honey. The color is a deep, dazzling ruby red amber. The taste is bold; sweet, green, resinous, spicy evergreen flavor, with a jammy, candied conifer scent.


~Creamed Frankincense Honey- Infused with whole, food-grade frankincense tears, strained, and spun until creamy. Highly flavorful and fragrant!


~Grindelia Honey- Infused with resinous grindelia buds. The flavor and scent of grindelia is surprisingly much like pine, but with a sweet floral, fruity twist, like the crisp sweetness of an apple, or the brisk, sweet note in the sap of the pine, intertwined with notes of hay and wildflowers.


All of our honey is double infused. The pH and water content are monitored through out the process to ensure stability. All of our honey is fermented, and therefore shelf stable. It is best consumed within 6 months of purchase to enjoy the flavors, scents, and benefits of the botanicals, but can have a longer shelf, indefinitely. Store away from light and temperature changes. Per FDA regulations: Honey should never be fed to infants, or babies under the age of 1 years old.

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