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Pitys Love Triangle Incense

Pitys Love Triangle Incense

Pitys, Pan, and Borealis, a love triangle ending in tragedy, but of it, a gift to the world is born, and Pitys is immortalized, reincarnated, forever emerging. 

Pitys, The Queen of Evergreen, one of the fairest of the nymphs. Pale skin and locks of blonde and green. Her puffy lips and shy eyes hiding behind her glossy hair made the gods swoon. But her vow to virginity is what really made them fawn over her. They yearned to take away her chasity, something that was rather like a game amongst the gods. But it was Borealis who truly loved her, and wanted her all for himself. However, he was not alone, and Pan, well, panned for her love. 

Pitys unfortunately fell for them both, a naive lust that couldn't be controlled by no vow nor a plea from her nymph sister's, who forseen the disaster about to unfold. She allowed Borealis to court her freely, but Pan was her dirty secret, as the gods and goddesses looked at him as forest filth. But it didn't take long for Borealis to catch on, and he followed Pitys on that fateful last day. When he saw Pitys and Pan having a lusty picnic, entangled on the forest floor, and Pan moments from taking her chasity, he became angry and enraged. In one swift blow he picked her up with his mighty wind, and threw her against the chasm of rocks. With her bones shattered and her soul on its way to the underworld, in one last act of pity, he picked up her broken body and reached into purgatory for her soul, joining the two and incarnating her into a pine tree. 

Fingertips of green needles give you the tingles
Cool, brisk herbal vapors coil and wind their way through the smoke spirals, 
and a wooden musk, like forest floor and lust, emerges to kiss you.......

Pine Boughs and Resins
Spruce Boughs and Resins
Fir Boughs and Resins
Superior Copal Blanco 
Green Dazielli Frankincense
Black Frankincense
Honey Frankincense 
Purple and Green Shiso
Chocolate Mint
Juniper Berries
Costus Root
Spikenard Root
Black Sage
Raw Borneol Camphor
Balsam Fir handcollected liquid resin infused with Fir, Pine, and Black Spruce handcrafted absolutes, Garden Shiso and Rosemary Artisan Distillations

Once the Pitys Love Triangle Incense begins to heat, a burst of fresh air and cool, evergreen notes begin to fill the air. After a few minutes the herbs make their appearance, lush and green. Finally dark roots and warm woods start to emerge, and familiar, yet unknown woods and roots tickle your nose. Last the resins begin melting and melding with the botanicals, creating a green, resinous evergreen forest floor musk.

This loose granular incense is best heated gently, rather than burned. I enjoy the experience of an electric incense heater, it really allows for all of the notes to be experienced, and you can smell the story unfolding. You can use any method in which the incense is heated, like using a mica plate or incense sand as a buffer on coal. The goal is to eliminate the smoke, and to use gentle heat, preventing scorching, and allowing resins to melt and pool, creating an incense experienced in layers.

1 ounce of highly fragrant, natural granular incense, in a reusable glass jar.
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