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Rose Lollipop Shop~Solid Perfume

Rose Lollipop Shop~Solid Perfume

2 ml mini sizes in small rose shaped compacts, or 10ml full size in low profile, reusable, glass perfume jars with handcrafted rose vinyl emblem.



Rain Dew Drops and Rose Bud Lollipops


The sun wakes up, peeking in on the world, the rays popping through the ether


The mist rises off the meadow, making for a slippery step back through the grassy knoll


One more stop by the Rose Lollipop Shop to have a gander and a whiff


Sweet buttery flowers laden with musk and the gift of morning dew drops, a watery, cool touch


Petals with velvet that fine,

Couldn't, wouldn't have a perfume less than divine


Suckers that reach, twirl, and vine,

A rose lollipop shrine


This solid perfume is created with my handcrafted Rose Enfleurage, which was laid with ALL of this year's David Austin Roses from our Spring planted hedge, is gently warmed and blended with my handcrafted resinoids of; Frankincense, Myrrh (Opoponax), and Raw Labdanum Resin. The top notes of the rose enfleurage are powdery and sweet, and meld into deep rose and the musk of the flower which carries through the whole perfume, anchored by the rich resins. I've added just a touch of my handcrafted saffron absolute, created from the flowers stamens of our Autumn garden organic grown saffron crocus patch. This solid perfume lasts and lasts for hours. The pure, rich scent of rose, made elegant with Amber and Spice.

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