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Scented Geranium Hydrosol

Scented Geranium Hydrosol

Our Own Artisan Distilled Scented Geranium Hydrosol

Pelargonium capitatum ‘Attar of Roses'


The scent of green roses captured in an aromatic mist. Crisp, floral, sweet, and extremely refreshing! Scented Geranium Hydrosol is the perfect
 hydration and astringent for any skin type. Gentle enough for daily use as a toner or hydrator.


Our Scented Geraniums are a special variety called Attar of Roses, grown here on our forest flower farm, and artisan distilled to obtain a beautiful hydrosol. The cold sensitive plants do extremely well in a dormant state indoors through winter, but after the last frost they are planted, explode in growth, growing very quickly. When the large shrubby bushes are fragrant in the mid to late summer sun, their flowers bursting, and the leaves are covered in a clear sap like essential oil, we know it is time to harvest their rose scented leaves. We distilled this batch specifically for it's hydrosol. Half the day and pounds of plant material were needed to obtain a small batch of high quality hydrosol which was distilled under our forest canopy to escape the heat of the mid-day sun. We did not separate the stunning emerald green essential oil from hydrosol, and it remains intact with all it's components, at a safe usage level for skin application .

Rose Geranium is perfect as the hydrating component for any skin care routine. Gently spray your face with the refreshing aromatic hydrosol, and seal in the hydration with your favorite moisturizer! Can also be used as the water portion of your skincare formulations!

$15 for 4 ounce or $25 for 8 ounce spray bottle with emblem. Shelf life is up to 18 months if properly stored. Can be stored at room temperature for up to 1 year, 18 months under refridgeration.

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