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Seven Sisters~Artemisia Oil~2021

Seven Sisters~Artemisia Oil~2021

5ml unique star burst glass perfume roller bottle. Shelf life is 2 years.


Our 2021 Artisan Co-distillation of 7 varieties of Artemisia grown here in our organic permaculture garden.


This is not a full fledged perfume, it is the scent of beautiful Artemisia bottled. The essential oil from our 2021 Artemisia co-distillation is diluted in organic plum seed oil, and ready for application to skin. We've created this distillation for several years, and it is well loved. For Artemisia Lover's~


As I stood in front of the artemisia patch this morning, admiring their pollen fluffed flowers, a soft breeze rustled their feathery leaves, and gently blew across my face. Their sweet herbal scent carried me away for a moment....... I knew right then it was time, time to distill the Seven Sisters. Our patch of sisters has grown this year, and I have more than seven varieties now, but I still chose seven varieties to distill together. I looked over the patch, opening my ears and heart, and as I lit a smudge bundle, I asked "Oh sweet Artemisia, which of you would like to partake in the Seven Sisters Distillation this year?" Just as I finished my question, the breeze rolled through again, and as if answering, the Seven Sisters waved their hands wildly, signaling who would join together in the still pot this year. I closed my eyes, took a deep breathe of the crisp, almost Autumn air, and thanked them for volunteering to lend themselves to the magic. As if the Artemisia were sending me a telepathic message, my eyes still closed, allowing my other senses to heighten, a vision came; the spirits of the Seven Sisters, in human forms, clad in silvery green and white dresses, each wearing a crown of their own flowers on their heads, hands joined, dancing in a neverending circle as they laugh and sang. I opened my eyes slowly, still captivated, and the Seven Sisters, now back in plant form, seemed to dance together in the wind, the other sisters looking on, still, as if they knew it was the others turn this year. I tell them not to worry, as I'll be back for them. They're needed too this year. I closed my eyes once more, hoping to catch one more glimpse of the plant spirits I'd be working with today, but the vision had fluttered away, they had already given me their answer.


A. annua, A. douglasiana, A. herba-alba, A. ludoviciana, A. princeps, A.tridentata, A. vulgaris

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